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It’s one of the most challenging industries around and it would certainly be fair to say that only the very best survive. Being prudent, determined and of course excellent with numbers are just three of the core requirements of a financial advisor – although the very best in the business offer a lot more.

The fact that there are regularly published rankings for the best financial advisors says everything you need to know about this industry. The elite are recognized and if we turn to one of the most prominent league tables – let’s take a look at Barron’s.

Barron’s is one of the leading financial publications in the country and one of the most interesting features is their ability to pick the best 100 advisors in the country. One name that has made it into the list on every occasion over the years is Patrick Dwyer, from Dwyer and Associates.

To highlight what it really takes to crack this industry and become regularly appreciated by Barron’s – here’s a lowdown on Dwyer’s career.

Who is Patrick Dwyer and what is his background?

Educated at the University of Miami with a Masters of Business Administration degree in 1993, Dwyer went straight into the industry and accumulated all of the necessary professional qualifications.

He now finds himself working as managing director at one of the leading companies in the industry – generally concentrating on affluent families and helping with the development of their portfolios.

What are his other achievements?

We’ve already highlighted the importance of Barron’s in this industry and it would be fair to say that these rankings form a noticeable part of Dwyer’s CV.

Between the years of 2007 and 2016 Dwyer has been named as a top 100 financial advisor by the publication. This happens to cover the whole of the United States.

Barron’s also cover other niches of the industry as well, forming rankings that focus on states. With Dwyer based in Florida, he was named as the outright best Florida advisor in 2010, 2011, 2015 and 2016.

While Barron’s may be one of the most reputable publications when it comes to this industry, Dwyer has caught the attention of the Financial Times as well. This publication again covered the whole of the States, concluding that Dwyer should be named in their top 400 advisors list in both 2014 and 2015.

In other words, in the financial advisory industry there is most definitely consistency between publications – individuals who rank well for Barron’s tend to also perform well in others, such as the Financial Times. In the case of Dwyer, this happened to spread to Fortune and Spears as well.

What are his interests away from the industry?

We’re trying to tell the story of what makes a top 100 financial advisor, so a point on Dwyer’s post-work activities should perhaps be touched upon.

As well as spending time with his wife and four children, Dwyer likes to hike, ride bikes and paddle board. This comes in-between his guest speaking roles which he is regularly invited for.

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