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It seems that global video and music streaming services are rapidly becoming the norm in this industry. In fact, many traditional cable subscribers have canceled their accounts in favor of online streaming TV services and digital channels. However, there are still subscriptions that need to be maintained in order to access literally thousands of global channels and networks. With this in mind, Australian smart DNS services are designed to expand your television horizons at cost-affordable rates. These services utilize DNS technologies to bypass geo-blocking and connect users to countless digital and online entertainment portals.

Understanding the Process

Whether in Australia, New Zealand, or others parts of the world – smart DNS services offer access to all the latest movies, TV series, documentaries, and even games. Users are also able to sync access across a myriad of devices, including mobile phones, tablets, gaming consoles and more. The process involved in expanding your TV revolves around your IP address. In fact, most streaming services utilize a technique called geo-blocking, which restricts access to services in certain countries. This is done by pinpointing the country of origin of your IP address.

Smart DNS bypasses these restrictions by simply re-routing certain connections via domestic or remote servers. For example: a person in Australia wishing to see American television channels can utilize DNS services to override any restrictions. The DNS servers will show a phantom IP address based in the U.S., which then allows the connections to secure broadcasting since they think the user is based in America.

What to Look for In DNS TV Services

There are several factors that come into play when looking for the right Australian DNS TV server. For one, your Internet speed should be fast enough to facilitate broad-based connections across the board. Secondly, your system must entail the right components and hardware to accommodate DNS server acceleration. This basically means that your ISP speed will determine how fast or slow your system can connect to the DNS servers. Lastly, you need a service that serves as the middleman or link between your system and the DNS servers. There are several services available online you can review and determine which one best meets your needs.


DNS is more reliable than VPN, and allows users to access the following:

  • Thousands of global streaming services from all over the world.
  • Customizing connections to certain regions of the world with popular streaming services.
  • User-friendly Smart DNS technologies and online tools.
  • Free VPN accounts with paid subscriptions (optional).
  • 24/7 online and traditional phone support.
  • Uniformity, consistency, and synching with all remote, wireless, and digital devices.
  • Low monthly subscription plans – cancel at any time.
  • Free trials without the use of credit cards.

The best part of smart DNS services is that your Internet browsing and privacy settings will always remain protected. For more information, simply check the Web for leading providers in Australia and Oceania.

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