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You must have been living under a rock if you haven’t noticed the building popularity of hilarious memes and vines being shared all over the internet. There is a short video somewhere on the web that you can find to explain every emotion that you feel during the day. The question is, why have memes and vines become so popular? Well, we have three reasons to explain why your Facebook newsfeed is filled with these short videos and gifs.


Photo from theChive

We All Have a Smartphone

It’s 2016 and we all have a smartphone which can take high quality pictures and videos. If you’re anything like me then you’ll take your phone with you wherever you go. Having a device which can take video with us at all times, means that it’s easier than ever to video hilarious moments that you come across while out and about. Whether you’re sat on a bus and somebody does something funny, or you’re playing a prank on your friend, your smartphone is the perfect tool for capturing the moment and then sharing it all over the internet. This has to be one of the main reasons why memes and vines have become so apparent on the web. Before smartphones became an everyday item, people just didn’t have the tools available to take pictures and videos so easily.

Making Fun of Yourself Has Become Popular

We all love having a laugh, even at ourselves, and this is a key factor to the soaring popularity of hilarious videos. Social media has allowed us to document our every move and more people are becoming ‘social media famous’. These people tend to get followers by creating hilarious videos about themselves, and the demand for laughing at yourself doesn’t seem to be slowing down. If you’d like to have a bit of a laugh, then check out these hilarious videos, they’ll be sure to distract you from all of life’s problems!

Video Editing Is Easier Than Ever

Computer technology has advanced considerably in recent years, and many computers now come with their own editing software for your pictures and videos. With tutorials about different types of software readily available on YouTube and similar, whether you’re a tech wiz or not, you’ll be able to learn how to edit your own pictures or videos. You don’t even need a computer to edit a video, nowadays as phones such as the iPhone come with basic photo and video editing capabilities. With the growth of the app store and android’s alternative, there are now so many apps available to download on your smartphone to get editing.

One notable photo and video editing app is Instasize. It’s totally free to use and gives you powerful editing tools at your fingertips. Choose from dozens of filters, adjust the video’s warmth and tint, crop to your desired aspect ratio, and even add black borders for that professional video look to create compelling videos .

These are definitely three key reasons why memes and vines have become so popular in recent years, with the demand not seeming to be slowing down, it’s time to start making your own hilarious videos and sharing them on the internet. If you capture a brilliant moment you could find yourself becoming an internet sensation. Follow this guide for making your first vine.

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