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The Royal Bank of Scotland, otherwise known as RBS has over 700 branches in Scotland and the rest of the UK. They previously had several problems with regards to being fined for anti-competitive practice with regards to interest loans. However, that did not kill their spirit; they have now bounced back stronger than ever.

They have their headquarters in London. In order to win back the heart of their customers, they have started placing a firm focus on excellent customer service. Is it not a great move? You can be sure of being treated like a king whenever you go to RBS.

RBS operated internationally and they provide a comprehensive variety of financial services to corporate, retail and financial organizations. What’s more? RBS also has an investment banking division known as “Markets and International Banking.” This division provides corporate international customers with comprehensive range of services that allows them to achieve the global financing and risk management forecasts and objectives.

Want to call RBS?

To streamline their services, RBS gives you the opportunity to call them for support or queries. Whenever you call RBS customer service always be sure to have your customer number and telephone banking PIN in order to identify yourself as the account holder as quickly as possible. They operate 24 hours a day. If you get mugged deep in the night and need some help, call and somebody will be on the other end to help you out.

You can call for various reasons. Among those reasons include:

  • Report fraud
  • Overdraft enquiries
  • Make a money transfer
  • Queries about you account
  • Your card is not working
  • You have forgotten your PIN number
  • Report your card stolen.


Technology is its beating heart

RBS uses tech to revolutionize banking. It has embraced avenues such as mobile banking to decongest its branches. This also gives customers convenience. Through your mobile phone, you can:

  • Access your accounts, make transactions and payments
  • Find branches and ATMs
  • Report lost cards
  • Make enquiries on personal internet banking services
  • Make personal loan or mortgage enquiries
  • Manage your investment and credit card services
  • Access Insurance services

Another latest addition to RBS’s portfolio of innovative banking services stemmed from its relationship with technology giant Apple. They were one of the first banks to support apple pay. This shows how it is committed to revolutionizing banking.

Banking at the wrist?

The smart watch was Apple’s first venture into the wearable technologies market and it’s a gadget which RBS has quickly embraced. Through it, you can do a couple of things. For example, you can see your balance and your last transactions or you can generate a Get Cash code to get your money out of the ATM without a card.

Even the blind are not forgotten

In 2015, RBS launched a bank card designed for blind and partially sighted customers which feature brail markings to help customers determine which is a debit card and which is for savings, as well as a notch on the right hand side which makes it easier to slide on the card into a PIN pad or ATM.

RBS is using tech to make the world a better place. Above all, it strives to include those who have been forgotten.


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