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A wedding band is a token of life-long commitment and love for your spouse. It is, therefore, an important investment that every man must make. A wedding band must reflect the personality of its wearer and a man’s wedding band must complement his spouse’s band. The myriad of wedding bands for men available today in the market often makes it challenging to identify the right one that suits your personality, style, and budget. While few men with a traditional bent of mind are still opting for the quintessential gold band, most modern men are gravitating towards new styles in different metals featuring jewels and intricate inlays. Modern men are counting on the products that are currently in fashion.

After marriage, the wedding band is worn on the same hand it had actually been put on during the wedding ceremony. By wearing the wedding ring on your fourth finger, you seem to be symbolically declaring your endless love and eternal commitment to your wife. This has now become just a matter of etiquette and tradition. Many people are used to wearing their wedding rings 24×7.

A Peep into History

Way back in the 1960s most men avoided wearing jewelry. During those days whenever men sported any jewelry piece, they would be dismissed as foreign and flashy. All types of men’s jewelry were very much off-limits. Perhaps the inconspicuous signet ring was the only piece of jewelry accepted and usually, worn on the pinkie finger. For a woman, her wedding ring was not only an expression of her undying love for the most important man in her life, it symbolized respectability. Being married during those days added to a woman’s status. A wedding ring was a symbol of a legitimate relationship.

Today Wedding Rings Make a Fashion Statement

But today wedding rings are assuming definitely greater significance. At most weddings, exchanging rings is an integral element and the ceremony seems to be incomplete without it. Most jewelers are now displaying masculine-looking chunky gold, platinum or the innovative tungsten carbide rings for men. These innovative tungsten rings are supposed to be the most fashionable, chic, durable, scratch-resistant rings that need absolutely no re-polishing. It is taken for granted that the man who wears his wedding ring has totally pledged himself to monogamy and fidelity.

Reasons Why Men Are Sporting the Wedding Rings

While in Public

In public, when you sport your wedding ring, it sends a clear message to the world that you are completely dedicated to your wife and value your spouse and the sanctity of marriage. When you come across someone for the very first time, she would be noticing your wedding ring first and based on that would come to a logical conclusion regarding your character and also your availability.

While in Private

Most of you wear your ring 24×7 and do not open it even when you are at home or somewhere else alone. Many men would like to wear their wedding rings all the time and they often treat their wedding rings as a shield to protect them from any kind of diversion. They wear their rings even when they are alone so that they are constantly being reminded of the fact that everything they do would not only impact him but would affect his wife as well. Wearing a wedding ring 24×7 is a great way of reminding you of the constant connection between the two of you whether together or apart physically.

While Both of You Are Together

Most of you wear your wedding rings even when you are alone together simply as a symbol of current blessings, past promises and shared destiny in the years to come. While holding hands, you are reminded of the strong bond and endless commitment between the two of you.


Choose your wedding ring carefully as it is the expression of the priority your wife has in your mind, heart and life. It symbolizes a never-ending commitment, a life-long union and undying love for each other. A testament to the bonds that tie you and your significant other for all eternity, your wedding ring will remain close to your heart for years to come.

Author Bio: Veronica Miles is a jewelry designer and artist working in Ohio. She has always enjoyed designing various styles of jewelry, ranging from ornate gold pieces with embossed jewels to more minimalist designs on platinum and silver. She has posted a preview of the latest line of tungsten carbide bands on her blog recently, which has received wonderful reviews.

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