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Time Stands Still (DVD)

Rush has always been a polarizing band: you either hate ‘em or you love ‘em (and I’m talking fanatical love here). Nowhere is that more apparent than on this documentary about the legendary Canadian band and their fans. Filmed in 2015 when the band was in the middle of their 40th anniversary tour, one many assumed would be the band’s last. That rumor ends up becoming a major plot in the doc (will they ever tour again?). The question is discussed among band members and those closest to them in interviews interspersed between live concert shots and background footage of the band. The same question is brought up to diehard fans from across the globe, who are packing arenas for possibly the last time. Regardless of how you feel about their music, as this doc shows, the trio has meant the world to a slew of fans.

Time Stands Still / 97 Mins. / Rounder / 2016 / /


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