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There are a various types of hair extensions on the market today but none of them beats tape extensions. In fact, once you try them, you can be sure to be hooked. These extensions are preferred because they offer a range of chemical-free colour options and increase your hair volume, making you look amazingly beautiful. In addition, they allow your hair to grow and even repair itself. Simply put, they make you feel and look better. Why then are tape hair extensions preferred? Here are ten reasons why tape hair extensions are the best for you:

  • Cost–Tape hair extensions are less costly in terms of the cost of buying, application as well as the maintenance. This is pegged on the fact that you can have your tape-in hair extension done in under an hour. Their structure also goes a long way in keeping the maintenance costs low.
  • Least damaging – Tape hair extensions will cause the least damage to your hair. This is because of their lightweight and the fact that they don’t pull your hair like other extensions. Instead, they grow out along with your hair and do not pull or tug. In fact, with tape-in hair extensions, you will not lose any hair or experience discomfort.
  • Low maintenance–If you are looking for hair extensions that require less maintenance, then tape-in extensions are your best bet. This is because of their width and construction. Most people will actually forget that they are wearing tape extensions because once it is done, you can stay with it for up to 12 weeks before having to move it up. However, a word of caution is that you must ensure you get good-quality extensions. Otherwise, you might end up regretting. Generally, good-quality tape in extensions will not tangle, shed or mat and are reusable.
  • Reusable – By buying tape-in hair extensions, you are making a great investment. You can reuse your extensions for up to a year. That is, you can apply them at least four times. This is such a huge benefit, particularly if you want your extension customized with colour or a cut. However, for this extension to serve you this long, you must clean it every time you remove it.
  • Flexible and invisible – Tape-in extensions offer you so much flexibility that you will not find with other hair extensions. Moreover, they are hardly noticeable because they are thin. You will be surprised by the fact that you cannot even feel them when brushing over your hair. That is how unnoticeable they are.
  • Workout friendly – If you love swimming or working out, you do not have to worry about ruining your hair because the bonds cannot be compromised. You will continue looking great without having to abandon your workout routine.
  • They are glamourous – Tape-in hair extensions are guaranteed to transform your look. You will definitely turn heads with this extension.

It is no doubt that tape-in hair extensions are the best you can find in the market. This is why most celebrities as well as fashion icons choose them over other types of extensions.

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