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Renting a dumpster is an effective way of disposing of waste, such as junk and debris, and removing clutter. A large dumpster is a cost-effective and speedy way of getting rid of waste materials when undertaking construction activities in your home or when you’re getting ready to move.

However, before you contact a dumpster rental service, there are a couple of things you should bear in mind. Taking the following into consideration will ensure that you invest your time and money wisely as you go about selecting the best dumpster rental service to meet your requirements.

  1. How Much Does the Dumpster Rental Company Charge?

The typical charges for a dumpster rental will be anywhere between $200 and $850. Now, you’re probably wondering why the range is so wide. That is because how much you are charged is pegged on the size of the dumpster you want and how much your waste material is expected to weigh at full capacity.

For example, if you’re simply reducing the clutter in your crowded garage, you can expect to be charged a lot less than if you’re undertaking a sizable home renovation where you may be disposing of concrete, blocks of woods, and other heavy material. Compare the rates of a number of dumpster rental companies and identify the best rate.

  1. Are there Additional, Hidden Charges?

If you’re getting rid of numerous sizable items (e.g., large home appliances no longer in use, large mattresses, etc.), you’re likely to be charged additional fees to get rid of these items. Many dumpster rental companies have policies and rules with respect to the items you can dispose of using the dumpster they supply you with.

If you’re in doubt regarding whether or not you’re allowed to dispose a certain item, it’s often best to ask. Most well-established dumpster rental companies, such as provide special means of disposal (e.g., haul-away) for items that cannot be disposed of using the dumpster.

In addition to that, it is advisable to confirm with the local municipal authorities whether a permit is required for you to have a dumpster on your property, and, if so, how much you’re required to pay for the permit.

  1. Is disposing of hazardous materials allowed?

Whether you’re renovating or getting rid of waste from your garage, you’re likely to find things such as old motor oil in containers, old paint, etc. While the immediate impulse may be to toss such materials in the dumpster, doing so may lead to you having to pay huge fines.

The correct way of disposing of these items is to begin by finding out your options for disposing of hazardous material. This information can be obtained from the local recycling office. Most localities have an annual day on which residents can drop off hazardous waste, such as used batteries, computer monitors, old paints, etc.

A good dumpster rental company will gladly provide you with useful information regarding proper waste disposal of hazardous materials. Take advantage of this to ensure you follow the correct procedure.


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  1. Since I’m going to be helping a friend with their remodel, we have decided that it would be best to get a dumpster for all the stuff and trash we’ll have. Now as you said here, it is good to know how much you’ll be charged for the dumpster rental as it does mainly depend on size. We’ll probably go for a large one as we will be redoing a lot of the interior of his home.

  2. My husband and I are adding a small apartment onto our home because my mom is coming to live with us and there is going to be a lot of junk that we need to get rid of during this construction process, so we are thinking about renting a dumpster because this way we can put all of the junk in one central place. Thank you for sharing the advice that when looking for a dumpster rental company you should look at the rates of several different companies. This way I can compare their prices and the quality of their customer service before choosing a company.

  3. Thanks for these tips on how to find a good dumpster. It would make sense to consider the disposal of hazardous waste. My husband and I are looking for a dumpster, so we’ll have to check their waste removal policies.

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