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Welsh Avenue - The Great Exchange CD

Welsh Avenue starts his latest EP, The Great Exchange, with Germ Theory. The indie style here blends together an airy instrumentation, hints of fuzz and electric crackle, and an emotive, rich set of vocals. The track ties together the sound of acts like Passion Pit and MGMT with a new wave sort of sound. The vocals pull double duty here, both furthering the narrative of this first song while creating a complex dynamic between the piano, drums, and synth.

The Great Exchange continues along with Blue Eyes, a track that blends They Might Be Giants with Momus and Spandau Ballet. The titular song on The Great Exchange changes things up in that it touches upon The Cure and The Bravery; by putting in hints of earlier styles and putting his own unique flair into this effort, Welsh Avenue is able to keep fans focused in until the concluding moments of the release. The dynamic between the drums and synths here may just be the highlight of this EP, as each pushes the other to an entirely higher plateau. When the vocals echo into nothingness at the conclusion of the single, fans will be left wanting more.

Time to Fly is the concluding effort on Welsh Avenue’s latest, and it provides a microcosm of all of the styles and approaches that listeners experienced on the release. The tenderness, the haunting sound of the instrumentation, and the narrative quality to the vocals make for a concluding effort that is strong as all get out. Beyond these inclusion, Time to Fly is a fascinating track in that it contains some new twists and turns that we would love to hear in follow-ups to this release. For more information about Welsh Avenue, visit his domain or Bandcamp profile.

Top Tracks: Germ Theory, The Great Exchange

Rating: 9.0/10

Welsh Avenue – The Great Exchange CD / 2017 Self Released /

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