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Twenty years into their career, Flogging Molly have managed to survive musical fads a slew of weak imitators to emerge as one of the finest bands to ever blend traditional Celtic and American punk rock influences. You’d have to go back to The Pogues to find anyone else who can consistently deliver as reliably as Flogging Molly, album after album.

“Life Is Good,” their sixth studio effort, keeps the streak going. Through solid song writing and brilliant musicianship, the band delivers another raucous standout record. While the band was impressive even as far back as their debut, Dave King has sharpened his writing and can turn a phrase in such a unique way the even Springsteen would be in awe. Similarly, the band’s sound has grown confident with each new record.

This collection starts out slow with the subdued “There’s Northing Left Pt. 1,” but then quick moves into the rowdier “The Hand of John L. Sullivan” and “Welcome to Adamstown,” another boisterous rocker, with a tight horn section and tighter chorus. Throughout the dozen tracks here, fast and slow, the band reels off one solid song after another.  In doing so, the band manage to cement their reputation as one of the strongest bands going, of any genre.

Flogging Molly – Life Is Good/12 tracks/Vanguard/2017 /

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