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We all love music and if we are to indulge ourselves in something as personal as meditation, music is something that we may want to consider to help us out. There are countless meditation music CDs launched every single year. Suggestions are offered by blogs like, friends and teachers. However, in many cases people simply do not get the help they imagine from music when they meditate. Why is that? It is because of misconceptions, with the following ones being the most common. You can also see How to Practice Mindfulness in 2020.

Meditation Is Not Possible When You Listen To Music

Because of the fact that meditation means that you enter a state in which you are basically not distracted by what goes on around you we see many thinking that it is impossible to meditate while listening to music. This is completely incorrect. A routine that would focus on breath focus or mantra practice would not be that great if you were to listen to music but when you practice regular mindfulness, music is an added help. Mindfulness meditation is highly popular in Western countries and this is actually what most people do.

Meditation Is Solely Possible With Relaxing Music

The big problem is that many think the main goal of meditation is to be relaxed. Getting your mind calm is really important but for many it is not necessary to do this while listening to relaxing music. The misconception practically appeared because most meditation music CDs on the market feature highly relaxing music. In mindfulness you do not want to reach a specific state. Listening to music can actually help since this helps you to figure out what happens at a subconscious level, taking you on a self-discovery path.

You should try to learn more about music therapy. Scientific studies highlighted the fact that music listening has healing properties when you are listening to something that you enjoy. In meditation you always want to be comfortable and in your case this might actually be when you listen to rock.

Certain Music Kinds Lead To Deeper Meditation States

Unfortunately, most people think music needs to be spiritual for results to become spiritual. Meditation is actually going to work with anything you want, including sacred music, chanting, new age music, kirtan and so on. The main idea is listening to music that you enjoy and that actually helps you to reach the meditative state you are looking for. Those that meditate are taught to do all that is possible in order to reach the desired level. If in your case this means listening to music that might disturb someone, it is your choice.


Music can be a huge part of your meditation session or it might be something secondary, a helping hand. No matter the case, you should look for the music that is the best in your case. It is most likely different than what is recommended by someone because meditation is always going to be subjective. It is your job to find the music that offers the best possible results.

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