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Fitness and fashion haven’t always gone hand in hand. The 80s leg warmer days and the oversized gym shorts and t-shirts of the 90s meant that nobody wanted to be seen in their gym clothes in the gym, let alone on the street. Flash forward to 2017, and it’s a much more positive pairing. With getting fit well and truly in fashion, it’s no wonder clothing brands have seized the opportunity to create fitness clothing that is not only fit for purpose but looks great too. Many of these items are a blast from the past, although with an updated ‘twist.’ Here are some of the best pieces to invest in to help you carry off that ‘sports luxe’ vibe you keep hearing about.

The baseball cap

Just a couple of years ago, you’d have been forgiven for thinking that the baseball cap had all but died a death with the mainstream fashion pack. Once a popular feature on heads of all ages, it’s had to make room for the beanie and other on-trend headgear in recent years. Today, it’s safe to say that the baseball cap has made a comeback. Ladies love them, and guys are glad they no longer have to do their hair just to pump iron at the local gym. The ultimate fitness fashion accessory, the baseball cap should be an essential part of your sportswear wardrobe.

The sweatband

If a sweatband still conjures up the image of an angry 70s tennis player, then maybe it’s time to adjust your thinking. Granted, they’re still sported by angry tennis players, but they have also made their way into the rest of the sporting world. Sweatbands are extremely practical for exercise and come in a range of different styles and colors to satisfy even the most fashion-conscious among you. You’ll find some excellent reviews at to help you pick the best brand of sweat apparel. They might not turn you into a Grand Slam winner overnight, but they’ll certainly help keep the sweat off your face.

The slogan t-shirt

In the 00s and beyond, your typical fitness apparel would consist of some old shorts or leggings and whatever oversized promotional t-shirt you happened to have lying around. This wasn’t a fashion statement; it was simply a matter of convenience for most gym goers. As going to the gym has become more popular, the shift in what is considered typical gym clothing has certainly changed, for men and women. It’s comforting to know that the slogan t-shirt has returned, although now in a slightly different form. While the occasional oversized tee continues to be popular, slogan t-shirts have evolved into much more fitted, on-trend styles that are a firm part of the gym uniform. One thing’s for sure – you’ll never be short of an inspirational fitness slogan the next time you visit the gym.


Fitness fashion may have come a long way since as recently as ten years ago, but it’s nice to see some old favorites being brought back into the fold. Invest in some cool new gym clothes and set out to improve your health with fun new exercise routine – just make sure you leave the leg warmers at home, at least for now.  

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