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While people play slots for entertainment and to unwind, the main reason for gambling is to win and to win big. People often visit websites like to try their luck at pulling off one of those infamous big wins. This is, perhaps, the reason why most punters will look for ways to which they can easily beat slots and cheat their way into the jackpots. This would be nice for people who lack integrity, but that would also mean that gambling at casinos would be a sham. Afterall, what’s game is not won squarely?Often, however, people have convinced themselves that there is something that they can do to improve their chances at the slots. While this was possible with the electrical, mechanical machines back in the day, – we’ll have a look on how that was done- it is a lot more difficult to beat a casino whose numbers are generated automatically using the Random Number Generation system, RNG. The amount of security that has been beefed up at land-based casinos like those in Vegas, as well as that of slot machines with no download in online casinos would make it difficult to rig.

Previous Successful Cheats on the Slot

While beating the slots is an elusive affair, it doesn’t mean that people haven’t managed to do it. Some of the ways that were applied to beat the slot machines included:

  • The use of the “Monkey Paw” technique that was applied by Tommy Glenn Carmichael. The monkey hook was a piece of steel that had a look at the front that looked like a hook. The ‘paw’ would be moved to the coin release door which it would hold allowing for coins to be dispensed together with the payment received. If your payout were little, the paw would let the machine release more than you earned.
  • The shaved coin tactic that used coins that were shaved on different sections was applied too. Because the coin was shaved, it could pass through the spaces and was thus put into the coin slot when spinning. The coin would let you spin awarding you with free spins you did not rightfully earn.
  • There was the use of a “plug” which was a coin attached to a string. The plug would activate the slot was inserted in, and this would allow you to play without making any payment.
  • Lightboxes that have light beams would be put near the slot machine’s light sensor which would then confuse the machine into making payouts that were perhaps undeserved.

All these methods used to work back in the day and chances are that the perpetrators would get caught, eventually. Now, machines are a lot more computerized, and these methods mentioned above would not work. And even if modern ways of cheating were invented, there is so much surveillance happening nowadays to allow one to get away unnoticed.  Besides that, when you manage the big wins, the casinos, whether online or land-based will look through your play history to verify that the win is honest and unaided by fraudulent methods. Frankly, the hassle is usually not worth it.

Slot Machine Tactics

The minute you realize that slots can’t be beaten, at least not without getting caught, the sooner you can put the mentality of trying to beat them behind you and concentrate on enjoying the games. Once you are playing to have fun, you will realize that the games will be a lot more worthwhile. While we can’t cheat a slot machine, we can play wisely to ensure that the slot is both enjoyable and your chances of winning are maximized. Can that be done? Yes, it can. Here’s how.

➢     Knowing the Slot

When you know how to play a slot, playing it using real money becomes more enjoyable. Knowing the number of reels, paylines, the minimum and maximum bet amounts, the symbols that bring the bonus features, those that pay more will have you looking forward to seeing them on your slot’s interface. It would, therefore, be wise to start with the “free play’ option of a slot, familiarize yourself with it, then invest your money in it.

➢     Managing your Bankroll

Decide on the amount you plan on spending at the slots before you start playing. Once you have your amount set (let it be an amount you are okay losing), decide how you will divide the amount in order to enjoy your game to the maximum. There is no point in making the maximum bet and end up without money to bet with into your 3rd game. Do not use money that is meant for other important things like transportation, food, rent and school fees.

➢     Switch Slots

This you can do if you realize that you are not getting any wins with the slot you are playing. Even though you may end up not winning the next slot too, you will have sampled some variety, at least. The idea of playing for long periods because the slot is getting “hot,’ and you hope for wins eventually may leave you frustrated.

➢     Find the Perfect Slot

Find a slot that caters to your needs. If you are into superheroes, Marvel slots would really work and so would anime inspired slots for nerds and anime lovers. Find a slot that you will enjoy playing not one that has been praised for giving huge wins.

➢     Place Maximum Bet for Progressive Slot

To win the progressive jackpot, you will have to play the maximum bet. Otherwise, your shot at the jackpot is lost. Play the smaller jackpots and smaller wins unless you really want to try out the maximum jackpot in which case you can place the maximum bet. Progressive jackpots aren’t meant for playing all the time.


Cheating the slots is almost impossible. The minute to accept this truth is the moment you will start to fully enjoy playing the slots. Who knows, maybe one of these huge wins could be coming your way soon enough. And through the right channel!

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