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After a brief Intro, Seconds Before Landing begin their new album Now That I Have Your Attention with 4 A.M.. This effort brings a tremendous amount of atmosphere to listeners’ ears all while including trapping of 1980s prog metal and thrash genres. The track is something that listeners should focus on multiple times so they may hear every nuance and wrinkle that Seconds Before Landing have included within. The booming drums and sizzling guitar lines heard here are expanded on to later registers of the album.

You’re Giving Me A Headache builds off of the work of Queensryche and Anthrax. The story that is told here is bolstered by a set of vocals that blend together equal portions The Cult and Nine Inch Nails. Head Down Low is our favorite track on Now That I Have Your Attention because Seconds Before Landing adopt a bold new sound. There are nods to classical jazz and the world music-infused style of Toto and Paul Simon. This enlightened sound of this single is a perfect way to keep listeners on their toes, providing a sizable boost to the album’s momentum.

Come Back To Me is another fun effort on this release. There is a traditional, 1990s-infused type of smooth jazz that is present here. The front-forward sound of the vocals will snap listeners to attention. Can I See You Now is the rare example of a late-disc single that builds upon the overall sound of an album. This thoughtful style of rock has hints of Alice Cooper, Styx, and Pink Floyd present. Careful instrumentation makes for a wholly engrossing effort here; the coda of Without Your Soul winds the album to a close while showcasing where listeners may ultimately be taken on the follow-up to Now That I Have Your Attention. We strongly recommend picking this up.

Top Tracks: You’re Giving Me A Headache, Head Down Low

Rating: 8.6/10

“Now That I Have Your Attention” by Seconds Before Landing / 2017 Self Released / 12 Tracks /

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