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Photo booths tend to be everywhere you go these days. They’re at nightclubs, work parties, weddings, high school formals and everywhere in between. They are great fun for all, creating lasting memories and getting people to come together to bond in search of the perfect pose. But that perfect pose can be quite elusive. So we’ve decided to put together a few pointers to help you get those creative juices flowing. So hold onto your hats! Let’s check it out.


Speaking of Hats…


One tip to get the best snaps out of your Sydney photo booth experience is to invest in some props. You can get these pretty much anywhere – most two dollar shops at your local shopping centre will have something you can use. Glittery hats, masks, fake moustaches, bunny ears, captain’s hats, army hats, witches hats, the list goes on. Get creative with how you use your props and you’re guaranteed to have some snaps that you’ll look back on and laugh.


Dead Centre


You want to ensure that you are facing dead centre to the camera. Weird angles and odd ways of looking at the camera can be funny, but in the end you want to capture those gorgeous faces and pearly whites as you pose and smile for the camera. Luckily most photo booths countdown to 3 or 4 before taking the snap so you’ll have a bit of time to prepare yourself.


Get Goofy


Silly and funny photo booth poses are always a winner. You have heaps of options, from the three wise monkeys through to just sticking your tongues out. You can do the zombie eyelid flip, or even pull the ugliest face that you can manage. Just make sure the wind doesn’t change or you’ll be stuck with it.


Get Serious


On the flipside of getting goofy, why not pull the most utterly serious face that you can imagine? Picture that you’re at the Queen’s funeral. You wouldn’t dare crack a smile there, would you? Imagine it – she’d roll in her grave! Get deadpan and you’ll have a photo to cherish forever.


Kisses, Kisses, Kisses


This one is always a winner. If you’re getting hitched then ensure to get a photo of you smooching your spouse. If you’re a group of girls out on a hen’s night – get two of the best friends kissing the bride-to-be’s cheeks. Hell, even a couple of blokes can pretend to have a snog in a photo booth. It is 2018 afterall. Speaking of blokes…


For the Boys


There’s lots of great poses that men can do in a photo booth. Pretend to have some fisticuffs, or chuck on some sunnies and get all Blues Brothers. Which is worth a watch if you haven’t ever, by the way. Pretend to head butt or even throw a military salute!


Going Solo


There’s a whole slew of solo photo booth poses a singular adventurer can pull. You can capture yourself downing a drink, you can look horrified as if there’s a horrible killer just off to the side, or you can pretend you’re a high-powered stockbroker sealing a deal on your iPhone. The possibilities are endless.


Have Some Fun


While you can do all of the poses mentioned above, like some funny solo shots, snaps for the boys and girls, “this is serious man” pictures or even some goofy snaps, the point of it all is to have some fun. Oh, don’t forget the props and hats too. You’re guaranteed to have a blast and create some physical memories that will last your lifetime.


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