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Not everyone enjoys going to the gym. All those super-fit sweating bodies might not be so appealing when you know that you have some work to do to get back in shape. It’s quite possible that gyms bore you because of the repetitive nature of the exercise or the antiseptic feeling you get when there. You’re not alone.

Don’t fear because there are plenty of other ways to get in shape and shed some pounds if that’s your goal. Let’s look at a few alternatives now.

Gardening Makes a Great Gym Replacement

Gardening doesn’t seem like a good gym replacement, but you’d be surprised. All that bending down and bending over to tend to the plants puts the thigh muscles, knee joints, and feet to work. There’s plenty of twisting from side to side to avoid having to shuffle the feet across to reach the next section of soil to plant more seeds before moving on.

Pushing the lawn mower (if you haven’t already moved up to a robotic mower) is a good exercise for the arms, legs, and back. When lifting-up a watering can filled-up with water, your arms will get a bit of a workout there too. If you’re growing plants along trellises that rise up several feet ending above your head, then you’ll have to reach up to tend to them. As the good folk at Love Back Yard will happily confirm, there’s plenty of ways that gardening is a healthy activity to undertake.

Swimming with Purpose

A casual swim in the local pool is one thing, but swimming laps with a purpose in mind is something else altogether. There are usually separate swimming lanes set up for serious swimmers who are completing laps for the fitness (or the challenge). Set timed laps and timed distance swims and then try to beat your previous time to make it feel more competitive.

Head to the Beach

Walking or running on flat sidewalks or inside the park is good exercise. But what’s better still is running on hot sand at the beach. You’ll find it’s a completely different kind of physical activity. What once was an easy walk or gentle jog turns instantly into something that’s three times more difficult.

Trekking the Nature Trails

When you don’t have a beach conveniently nearby and you’re not about to go on a beach vacation, see if there are any designated nature walks or useful hills that you can take advantage of. It’s always better if the area where you choose to go trekking is picturesque, but if not, bring along your smartphone to play some tunes or listen to some podcasts while out on your walk.

Finding local trails isn’t too hard. Use the TrailLink website to search where you’re located to see what trails there are in the vicinity. They feature not only walking trails but also biking ones too.

You don’t have to give up if you hate going to the gym but wish to be healthier. You can start with what you consume and then add different physical activities into your life. Getting fitter and losing weight doesn’t require that you’re a card-carrying member of a gym to succeed in your healthier goals. You’re only required to eat less and more consciously, and to move more often, and with a greater sense of purpose, to succeed.

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