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The Ramona Flowers begin their new album Strangers with an effort that immediately calls back to the synth-pop of the 1980s. There is so much charisma that comes forth during this introductory track that fans will be hooked. The high momentum continues with Out of Focus, a more dreamy and alluring effort that shines due to tremendous vocals, on-point percussion, and sweeping arrangements. Come Alive has a very contemporary sort of sound to it. While the vocals are still front and center, the Ramona Flowers are able to keep the drums and bouncy backing beat fresh in a fashion that builds off of the tradition of MGMT and Owl City.

If You Remember is a fantastic track that is hidden in the middle of the album’s second half. Listeners’ attentions are drawn in immediately before the instrumentation cedes ground to vocals that pull from the tradition of Depeche Mode and Spandau Ballet. Numb Drunk slows things down considerably and shifts the band’s sound ever so slightly. Where the vocals were front and center during much of Strangers, the vox this time contribute to the overall harmonies of the song. It truly is a beautiful experience showcasing the plea of someone that just needs a little bit more love in their life. Human and electronic elements become one just as a couple becomes a cohesive entity. We love it.

The Ramona Flowers are able to make one of the best albums that we have heard so far this year. The album is cohesive as all get out, but there are so many twists and turns that are presented to fans that one will be able to play Strangers multiple times before hearing everything that has been placed within.

Top Tracks: Out of Focus, If You Remember, Come Alive

Rating: 9.3/10

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