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Property management software is the new normal among landlords, both professional and part-time. Whether you rent out several hundred properties or a basic in-law suite in your basement, landlord software is becoming increasingly popular for property owners to keep track of documentation, collect rent, set maintenance reminders, and even screen potential tenants.


One of the major obstacles prospective landlords face is the fear that they will end up locked into a contract with a problematic tenant. If you have considered renting out your property, you have probably faced the concerns that all landlords have at some point: Will this tenant be responsible? Are they trustworthy? Will they pay rent on time? Will they treat my property with the utmost respect? There is no guarantee that your tenant will be everything you hope for, but with free tenant screening, you can at least set certain guidelines and get a basic idea of what you’re getting into.


Reach the best of the best, instantly.


Property management software, unlike third-party websites such as Craigslist and Zillow, add a certain level of credibility and security to your interaction with tenants. As of right now, it is also the only way to review a prospective tenant’s entire credit history, current address, criminal and eviction records, employers, and monthly income in one place. This helps you easily rule out any applicant who you suspect may give you a hard time. And you can do so early on in the process.


Many tenants seek housing on sites such as and, but others may use lesser-known platforms. It would be unfortunate to list your property solely on popular websites and miss out on a potential dream tenant because they never saw your ad. One of the benefits of landlord software is the fact that market rentals are displayed automatically on dozens of websites with only one single property listing. This saves you the trouble of posting the same listing multiple times, only to find hoards of unsatisfactory applications in your inbox the following morning. Single out the best of the best by using this highly effective software.


Review their personal information.


The beneficial free tenant screening feature is popular amongst landlords who have suffered costly property damages or have been scammed by previous renters. You have probably heard that the best way to avoid such issues is to run very thorough background checks on all of your tenants, and we would agree. Landlord software is currently the most secure way to review a tenant’s personal information. Best of all, all of this information is available at your fingertips at no cost to you.


The tenant screening report costs fall on the tenant, not on you. In the meantime, you can receive access to everything you could possibly need to make your final decision. This information will be provided in an instant, and will be displayed in an accessible and easy-to-understand format.


Request references from the tenant’s past landlords.


Property management software not only integrates rental applications with instant tenant screening reports, it also permits you access to past references which the tenant has provided. If you are impressed with a candidate and wish to learn more about them, you can request access to their references and receive this information instantly.


Though your mileage may vary, you can be fairly certain that if a past landlord has spoken positively about your applicant, then they are probably the sort of trustworthy, responsible, and considerate tenant every landlord dreams of finding. And if, after all this, you do find yourself in a jam, there is always a professional team of repairmen you can call, like this construction company in Kalamazoo, MI.

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