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As a generation that prides itself on our get-up-and-go, it can be hard to find yourself in a funk. We all want to be happy above all, but sometimes circumstances seem determined to conspire against us. It could be anything: a job interview gone wrong, a broken down car, or even just getting out of bed on the wrong side. 

The important thing is not to let it ruin your day. So, feel a bad mood brewing and don’t know how to avoid it? Then, here are five scientifically proven ways to give yourself a mental boost and get back on track…

Work up a sweat

Did you know that exercise can instantly make you feel happier? Numerous studies have shown that physical activity sends endorphins racing through our bloodstreams, which means a post-work jog or a session in the gym are some of the best ways to boost your mood. If you’re short on time, even a minute of star jumps can do the trick. You might feel a little foolish as you bounce around, but science shows you’ll be a whole lot happier afterwards.

Chew some gum 

We know it sounds too simple to be true but it has also been proven that chewing gum helps to calm us down when we’re all het up. The repetitive motion promotes relaxation and reduces anxiety and stress, thus restoring our equilibrium and giving us the power to think more clearly and rationalise better.

Try something new 

When your feathers have been ruffled, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone might be the last thing you feel like doing, but science says you should go against your gut and try something new to alleviate a bad mood. It doesn’t matter what it is – whether you decide to cook a new recipe for dinner or try a new bar – so long as it differs from your norm. New hobbies and pastimes are especially effective, so why not book that yoga class you’ve always wanted to do or click here to find a bonus offer and try your hand at online gaming for the first time? Were you to win, we’re sure you’d soon feel even happier!

Buy some flowers 

An essential part of looking after yourself and keeping yourself on an even keel is just to be kind to yourself, which is why another way to boost your mood is by treating yourself to some flowers. The perfect way to brighten up your home and add a little injection of beauty into your life, this has been proven to provide an instant and lasting uplift. Oddly enough, it can even help to make you more productive.

Snuggle up 

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to regress back to your infancy and wrap yourself up tight in a blanket. Although we’ve all long suspected it, studies have now shown that climbing under a soft cover for a few minutes can make us feel much more relaxed and flexible. According to the science behind it, there’s just something about coming into contact with soft things that instantly makes us feel better.

Be kind to yourself today and give your mood the boost it needs.

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