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Suffering a security breach is a worst nightmare for many businesses and individuals alike. It can cause instant and long-lasting damage, as well as being costly to recover from.

The best way to prevent breaches is to use modern security software. Here are just a few of the best tools around at the moment that can give you the upper hand in the fight for online safety.



Ransomware is rife at the moment and can leave innocent organisations helpless if their systems and devices become infected. As such it makes sense to detect and halt attempted attacks in their tracks using CryptoStopper.

The software works by placing dummy files on a system which will be able to tell when they are being encrypted by the ransomware. This first line of defence kicks in and cuts off the installation before it is complete, levelling the playing field and turning a potential disaster into an avoidable non-issue.

Even if you have never experienced a ransomware attack in the past, complacency is not advisable. Information security company Fidus suggest checking internal and external apps alike for potential vulnerability to avoid unnecessary risks.


This security solution is especially well equipped when it comes to creating strong passwords and enforcing minimum security requirements for their use, whether for individuals or commercial organisations.

Comprehensive encryption keeps this platform safe from exploitation and the straightforward features mean that it is easy to shore up shoddy password practices and make sure everyone is on the same page in terms of security.

It also supports other types of authentication, such as fingerprint recognition, in addition to working effectively on mobile devices as well as on desktop computers.


Sluggish network performance is a good indicator of a potential security problem, especially if there is no obvious reason for your data speeds to be dipping so low.

By using a free online speed test you can see whether or not your connection is handling an unusual amount of traffic and take steps to try and identify what might be causing the current complications.


Another password-centric solution, this time focusing on storing multiple passwords and making it easy for users to enter login details and fill out forms without having to manually type out everything or even remember their information each time.

The convenience of being able to retain all passwords within a single software platform should be obvious to any prospective users. It also keeps track of which passwords are secure, which have been compromised and which may be vulnerable, allowing you to take appropriate action and mitigate the risks of a breach.


There are better-known antivirus packages on the market, but Avast remains a solid choice for all customers thanks to the fact that it is relatively lightweight and unobtrusive compared to other mainstream rivals.

Free and paid-for versions are offered for home users and business customers alike. Another perk worth mentioning is the fact that it is powered by the cloud, so it does not hog your resources or require huge numbers of updates on a regular basis. You can even make adjustments using a web browser, rather than having to rely on a proprietary interface to get the job done.

Since it is possible to try out Avast for free, it makes sense to take a look and see how it compares to any current antivirus software you may already be running. That way if you are not impressed, there is no need to commit any cash or sign up to any other long term agreement.




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