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Public transport always offers a cheaper and quicker mode of traveling. In addition to that, traveling using public methods often gives you a chance to plan your day or read the paper before stepping into the office.

Public bus owners are investing in the latest fleet technology to ensure they provide the safest and best service to their clients. Some of the tech present in most passenger buses includes automatic passenger counting systems, Wi-Fi hotspots, and GPS route planners.

Signs with passenger rules are a common sight in most passenger buses and other public means of transport. The main idea or reason for having passenger rules is to improve safety alongside creating a pleasant environment for other passengers.

Most rules and regulations focus on luggage, pets, food, beverages, mobile devices, smoking and safety. Well, if you are unfamiliar with public buses, here are some of the rules you are expected to follow when enjoying your ride to work, school or anywhere else.

Food and Beverages Are Prohibited

You might think of grabbing a cup of coffee or maybe eating a banana on your ride to work. However, this is not allowed in most public buses especially those driving routes within the city. Nonetheless, ensure your food and drinks are in a tightly closed container to prevent spilling during the journey.

No Smoking

Well, smoking in public areas is frequently prohibited by the law. As such, it is also a crime to smoke in a public bus or close to the bus stop.

Animals and Pets

Most public buses permit traveling with licensed service animals. Additionally, you can board the bus with your pet if it is small enough to fit in a cage or pet bag that you can place on your lap or under the seat without inconveniencing other passengers.

Baggage and Luggage

You are allowed to ride on the bus with your backpack or other luggage if it is small enough for you to hold on your lap or place under the seat. However, you will not be allowed to board the bus with large luggage. Remember, do not place your luggage on the seats or in the aisle.

Operating Mobile Devices

Before boarding the bus, make sure your phone is on silent mode or vibration mode. Additionally, playing music is not allowed unless you are using earbuds or headphones.


As discussed earlier, in addition to the rules and regulations, there are also safety guidelines to follow while aboard public buses. The safety rules are meant to keep you and other passengers safe during the journey.

Here are some of the safety rules to observe during your ride.

  •         Ensure you have your seatbelt on at all times.
  •         Stay aware during the ride in case of emergency stops.
  •         Always hold on to something like the seat or hand bars when standing.
  •         Avoid sticking your head or hands out of the windows when the bus is moving.
  •         Report any suspicious behavior or luggage to the driver.


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