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Everyone always wishes to wake up early in the morning, take a shower and get him/herself a delicious breakfast which bread is the most likable foodstuff. Being a perishable foodstuff, bread making machines have come up to help in getting fresh bread every day and no fear of spoilage. There is absolutely no need of buying fresh bread at the supermarket, you can make your own at the comfort of your home. You can bake the size and quantity you would like or set the bread machine to make your bread ready at the exact time you want. Bread machine reviews have come to help show the different models and sizes of machines, it only depends on your budget, the quantity of bread you want to make and the features you want your machine to have.

It is worth mentioning that homemade bread is always more delicious and yummy than that of a supermarket, making bread at your home saves you around 50% of the cost of a bread at the supermarket or in the bakeries.

Having reviewed dozens of best bread making machines available in the market today and here are the five top bread machines. Each of the five is outstanding, but each is best according to the purpose you want it for, for example, the best for gluten free bread or the best machine for a person with a tight budget.

Zojirushi BB-CEC20- Best All-Purpose Bread Machine

The zojirushi BB-CEC20 is an all-purpose bread making machine available on the market today. Although I have ranked it the best one, it misses some few special abilities that some advanced machine possesses. Nevertheless, it is modified with features that will make it easy for those who are using bread machines for the first time. This machine has two effective blades for kneading your dough and a 13 Hour timer that lets you bake while at work or when you are sleeping and gets your bread ready on the exact time you wanted.


-It is easier to use.

-The best for white bread.

-Has a sourdough starter setting.

-Can make very delicious cakes and strawberry jam.

-It is easier to clean.

-it comes with an instruction DVD and a recipe booklet.


-Makes only two-pound loaves.

-Doesn’t have an automatic dispenser.


Breville bbm800xl- Best Gluten –Free Bread Machine

The Breville BBM800XL baking machine is the best if you want your bread gluten free. Be assured your bread will come out delicious and safe, this machine is sleek and is designed to fit almost all the decors. It is interestingly versatile; allows you to make special bread that will outshine those at the best bakeries. This machine has an automatic nut and fruit dispenser that automatically adds your ingredients at the proper time of the baking process.


-Able to make perfect fruit and nut bread.

-Has a dedicated gluten-free setting.

-Has a collapsible paddle.

-Very flexible.


-Does not have a dedicated setting for artisan bread.

-Does not have dual stationery blades.

-Makes a lot of noise.

OSTER 2- Pounds Express Bake- Best Budget Bread Maker

As the name suggests, this machine is affordable thus appropriate for those people you are on a budget. It is also small in size thus taking a small space in your room. This model makes delicious and large loaves of bread, it is less for about three times the prize of Zojirushi or Breville and it still has many features that the other expensive machines have. This machine also has express bake settings that let you make a loaf of bread for about an hour, it also has a preprogrammed setting for all types of bread including wheat, white, bagels, European and French.


-Small in size thus occupying a smaller space.

-Has a 13-hour timer setting.

-Bakes so fast.

-Very affordable.


-No dedicated gluten-free setting.

-No way to automatically add nuts or fruits.

4.Zojirushi BB-HAC10home Bakery Mini- Best One-Pound Loaf Bread MAKER

The HBB-HAC10 is much smaller than the two pounds’ capacity Zojirushi BB-CEC20. This machine is very versatile and it is capable of making one pound of loaves. This model is perfect for couples or someone living on his or her own as it cannot sustain a large hungry family. This model uses only one blade compared to the bigger Zojirushi though it has a quick bake cycle, 13-hour timer, and three selectable crust colors.

The only thing it does not have is an artisan bread setting, but anyway you cannot find anything in such a smaller machine.


-Small in size but convenient.

-Small footprint but effective.

-Lower price.


-Has only one blade.

-Does not have an artisan bread setting.

  1. 5. Cuisinart CBK-200 Convection Bread Maker


This convection bread maker is rated for its ability to make loaves of bread very fast. It can make three different sized loaves with 16 presets including artisan settings, dedicated gluten-free and low carb settings. It does not have an automatic nut/fruit dispenser.


-Tasty bread within a very short time.

-Reasonable prizes.

-A smaller unit but convenient.


-It does not have a dispenser.

-It is small.


Looking at all the bread making machines, you can choose which one suits you best. They all have different features, and you can get the one that will make your bread perfectly as you may be alone or in a family which will determine which machine you will choose. Look at the features that you want your machine to have.

There are tons of machines in the market and you know what you want your machine to look like and what to have or not to have. That is why it is important to analyze the machine very well, do research look at them at the stores, taste them if possible and take a good machine home that will make you fresh and tasty bread. Bring your family together every day with the bread making machine and make sure to also look at the reviews as they will help you in your selection.

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