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Learning how to drive defensively is the first thing you’ll learn in any online defensive driving school. You’ll begin to realize that there’s plenty of distraction on the road even if you’re driving without glasses, that will turn you into a reckless driver. Car technology not only serves as a great gift, but a great way to help you become less distracted behind the wheel.


So, this holiday season, give the gift of defensive driving with the top 2019 electronics for your car.


The hottest tech on the market will help you stay focused for the smoothest ride possible. Here’s a list of the top 2019 car electronics for early adopters and defensive drivers.


CHICOM Mirror Dash Cam


The CHICOM mirror dash cam is a windshield rearview mirror that also serves as a touch screen dashboard camera. This dual lens camera will help you record all the commotion in front of your vehicle as well as behind it. This car tech will display in-depth traffic information and a 180° view. All of this is captured within your rearview mirror.


The mirror’s touch screen interface will make it easy to operate while behind the wheel of your car. You can use it for smooth lane merging, recording traffic accidents, and impressing the person riding shotgun.


CRIACR Bluetooth Transmitter


The CRIACR Bluetooth Transmitter offers complete hands free control over your FM transmitting and Bluetooth usage. The device also serves as a 2-port phone charger – so long as you have a cigarette lighter port available. For people who are FM radio enthusiasts, this is the perfect car tech that will diminish interference and degraded sound quality.


The Bluetooth Transmitter is also equipped with an advanced in-device microphone. This includes an echo cancellation and noise suppression. That means your voice will come in crystal clear for every phone conversation.


BOSS Audio Car Speaker


The BOSS Audio Car Speaker is fully stacked with every audio need for perfect road trip jamming. This speaker is Bluetooth capable, has a built in mic, MP3 player adaptable, USB portals, AUX input, FM/AM receiver, and even comes with its very own remote. You know your stereo is high-tech when you need a remote to operate it.


This device is a necessity for old and new vehicle types. If you’re looking to start 2019 with great tunes, consider investing in a BOSS Audio Car Speaker.


KK Moon Car Wi-Fi


Stop using up all your limited data from music streaming, podcasts listening, or GPS navigation. You can connect your phone – or any other device – to your car’s Wi-Fi with the KK Moon Car Wi-Fi. This car tech provides Wi-Fi support for both Android and iOS devices and promises a strong signal for high speed connection.


PIONEER Mount Subwoofer


Listening to music is an important part of any road trip. Don’t expect to stay entertained by the sound of the wind blowing on your face. Having optimal sound quality for jamming and entertainment is simple with the PIONEER Mount Subwoofer. If you enjoy bass in your music, then this is a must for any playlist snob.


10L Mini Fridge for Your Car


If you enjoy snacking while driving, then the 10L Mini Fridge is the perfect technology attachment for your car. This device is a lifesaver (or appetite saver) for road trips and professional drivers. The 10L Mini Fridge for your car can keep your food cold in about 40℉ temperatures, so you can savor drinks and certain foods for those long journeys.

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