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We usually think of spring and summer as the only times of year when we can inject some natural color into our lives. And when the winter rolls around,we close up the outside and stay inside as much as possible – it can get very chilly in the city, and that’s something to only subject yourself to when you have to!

As a result, a garden in the winter time can seem like an impossible dream – it’s constantly wet and windy outside, making your own outdoor space damp and dreary for the next three months. But there’s always pockets of sunshine during the morning and early afternoon that you can rely on, so why not put them to good use? If you love your garden, and you want it to bustle and bud over this season, here’s a couple of things to think about.

Pick a Good Layout

The layout of your garden in the winter matters a lot more than it does in the summer. After all, the winter weather means the outside world is stripped down to its bones and stripped twigs, and all the edges and imperfections of your garden are going to be easily spotted.

So you’re going to need some good bordering and landscaping on your side here. Make sure you have some trees or hedges lined up to be planted for the spring next year, or even just some shrubs you know you can easily circle a lawn with. On top of that, using planter or window boxes might be a lot easier to install at a time like this

Keep the Grass Healthy

The grass you tended to during the summer has probably settled into a pattern of varying baldness, and you’re seeing the mud peek through the lawn that was once as green as an emerald. And you don’t like this very much, but you probably think it’s just the effect of the winter.

But in reality, a problem like this can be done away with in a few weeks, all ready for you to sit out on and enjoy again. Using a service like Lawn Care can really cut back on the effort and frustration you think you’ll have to put in here, so why not let the professionals have a go at tending your lawn?

Choose the Right Colors

The right colors for the winter time are ones that induce a sense of warmth and nostalgia into you, to make you hearken back to your memories of the summer and all the fun you had. Or they could be colors that help to emphasise the winter around you, with blues and purples glistening the snow and ice back at you.

Maybe winter is your favorite time of year, and you want to always be reminded of the festive season at hand! Either way, a list of plants like these are going to help you out with your plans here.

Get cultivating your winter garden!

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