Posted on: February 25, 2019 Posted by: James McQuiston Comments: 1

Evil is a poppy track that blends together a bouncy guitar with haunting guitar work. With a bit of electronic echo included into the track before a trap / reggae style comes forth later, Evil is a track that a wide swath of fans can appreciate. A strong message about the amount of danger in the world is interspersed throughout Kelley’s latest. The chorus of Evil has a number of things occurring, but a skillful hand ensures that everything is able to contribute to a cohesive whole. Of particular note during Evil has to be Kelley’s supersonic vocals; they are able to do more than merely tell a story. With these vox adding mightily to the overall harmony of the track, the song can easily bury itself into the minds and hearts of fans.

Darrell Kelley – “Evil”

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  1. As the year of 2k19 takes on issues across the nation mainly in our Government,
    Hearing Darrell Kelley’s song evil
    tells the story in a nut shell NOT to mention the beats are DOPE

    ( can’t wait to see the video )

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