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Why do people buy package tours or designer’s clothes and furniture even Apple devices? Is it because of the need? Not really, as they are enticed by these brands and induced to dream and finally buy that. By the time of the purchase, the one thing which triggers their minds is a sweet description which creates images in their heads. That is why nowadays millions of companies take care not only about nice pictures and ads but about stories which can develop their brands and attract customers attention. In this article, you will consider 3 most effective techniques to write a descriptive passage, essay or story.

Descriptive means the one which evokes feelings and creates a visualization of presence even though you are not at that mountain or beach, or connection with some person whom you are still not close to, or possession of some device nevertheless you have not bought it yet. You create pictures in the reader’s mind and call them to action or changes.

Define the message which you want to deliver

Every essay has its goal and before starting to write it you have to know who your target audience is or what you want to achieve with it. You can draw a picture or take a photo to get ready for the description stage. Brainstorming is a time-consuming technique but it will take less time than if you just get the pencil and start writing and throwing the papers into the trash can with every unsuccessful attempt. When you jot down a title, a developed plan, and points you want to cover you just concentrate on description and expressions of your thoughts and ideas. Even if you are going to use custom essay writing service you will still need a plan, main points and messages you want to deliver. What is the goal of the description? Why do people need to waste their time to read it? As soon as you have the answer it will become a way easier.

Select the appropriate vocabulary

Words make sense. That is why catchy phrases work better than nice pictures. Appropriate usage of metaphors, adjectives, comparisons, quotations, poetry lines, jokes or cultural memes will lead you to a fascinating essay. A reader will not be able to divert attention from your story and fill himself with inspiration and call-to-action. If you have your own blog or just start out writing, after a couple of gripping essays somebody can text you with an ambitious message “Write my essay today“. And it will develop a whole new direction in your life, being a guide in the world of storytelling.

Use the five senses approach

No matter how bad we want to behave and control our life with sanity and clear mind, our feelings are stronger and cloud our judgment. Descriptive essays are built on touching five human senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, sense, which trigger people and evoke emotions. To become a writing guru you should try to imagine yourself in that situation and put those feelings on the paper. Undoubtedly, it is easier said than done, but meditation, art activities or even a long walk can help you. Extensive reading is the key to successful writing. Lots of words combinations were written before you decided to use them in your essay, and they will make sense to you just as you see them in other resources and not just think of something new.  Details are important parts to create a complete picture, even it seems obvious to you, your reader’s inner hero may have a bit different association but that one subtle detail or comparison will make him believe you and like you.

Writing a descriptive essay is a rewarding experience for any reason whether it is the catchy content for your brand or your thoughts to express the opinion and pitch to attract attention and trust. It develops you as a personality and helps not only to communicate with people around and deliver your message but also communicate with yourself, analyze and observe the world around. It was proved that carefully described offer by sales representative was sold faster than the one which just had a name and picture. Descriptions are details filled with a sense. And sense drives our lives.

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