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One of the world’s renowned racetrack arena which produces the largest names of crown winners is the Churchill Down located in South Louisville, Kentucky. This place is said to be the home of one of the most prestigious and grandest horse racing event across the country which is the Kentucky Derby.

The Kentucky Derby was inaugurated at Churchill on 1875 following the legacy of earning a reputation to all horse racing fans who patronize the tournament without a doubt. It is also dubbed as the “Home of Kentucky Derby” which is considered to hold the records of the longest running horse racing derby in the entire world.

Now, because you are a frequent traveler and longing the see the things that Churchill Downs can offer, let’s get to know more about this place for you to have the best siesta experience that you will only experience down in 700 Central Avenue.

Churchill Downs History

The name Churchill Downs is derived from both Henry and John Churchill the nephews of Lewis Clark Jr., which is the President of Jockey Club in Louisville who leased the said land. The Churchill Downs has originally replaced Woodlawn and Oakland the two races which originally took place at the said location.

By the time the Kentucky Derby had started at churchill downs, the race had become popular across the country today as the most competitive thoroughbred horses have successfully established their name. Also, like any other horse racing organization, the original Kentucky Derby format was sold to a syndicate way back in 1893 paving distinctive changes of the derby’s guidelines.

Lastly, one of the major innovations that of the Kentucky Derby is the Kentucky Oaks which is celebrated with “Garlands of Roses”. This usually takes place a day before the Kentucky Derby took place. Besides, Churchill Downs has become part of the National Historic Landmark list that took place in 1986. As of today, the Kentucky Derby in the Churchill Downs is considered to be the most popular horse racing tournament across the country.

Churchill Space and Facilities

An estimated 147 acres spaces hold the whole geographical setting of Churchill Downs. The whole area can accommodate an estimated crowd of around 150,000 people. The main Kentucky Derby is held on a 1.6KM dirt track.

Also, one of the best facilities that Churchill Downs hold is the Twinspire Grandstand which is designed by Joseph Baldez, a world-renowned architect. This also serves as the symbol of the Churchill Downs which is known worldwide.

Furthermore, there are also major renovations that Churchill Downs had made to makes sure that it offers to best services for their guests. The renovation includes a 79 luxury suite clubhouse with murals showing off the different winners of the Kentucky Derby throughout the years. The whole racetrack is also filled with over-the-top exhibits which display the rich historical culture of the county.

There is a theater that which showcase a 3d movie show which depicts documentaries how the Kentucky Derby was established and it’s growth as years go by.

The Kentucky Derby Museum

Apart from the Twinspire Grandstand that Churchill Downs may offer, the Kentucky Derby Museum is another historical landmark built within the vicinity of the racetrack. [1] The museum shows the full pride, hospitality, and tradition of the Kentucky Derby celebration. The main goal of the museum is to inspire, engage, and educate every visitors about the rich culture of this thoroughbred horse racing.

Additionally, the derby museum offers various workshops and educational programs to schools and states found within the vicinity of the county. The programs being shown focuses on the significance and relevance of the Kentucky Derby racing talking about the economic stability of Kentucky.

Truly, the Kentucky Museum is not only built for viewing purposes but it also aids adding knowledge to every guest so they can understand that true meaning of Kentucky Derby. While it is true that the main niche for the derby is horse betting and wagering, but as you go along and dig deeper you will understand how the tournament evolved and it’s true essence.

Guests and Visitor Information

For the benefit of everyone and for those who do not know where Churchill Downs is situated, the said racetrack is located down in 700 Central Avenue in South Louisville, Kentucky. You can easily go to the said location by riding a bus or a train. There are also tours available if you book your travel through travel partners which will definitely transport you easily to the area.

Aside from the easy access of going to the location, celebrating the Kentucky Derby gives you another reason to celebrate. They have a famous traditional drink to toast called the Mint Julep. This was created as a celebration drink for all visitors and guests graving the event to make sure that they will experience full entertainment upon witnessing the tournament.
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