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Gone are the days of black tie and conservative neutrals. In 2019, men are taking the same daring style risks as women, perhaps even giving them a run for their money in some cases. Even if you’re shy or conservative in your style, there’s still a new, bold fashion statement that is sure to suit you.

If you’re looking for what to wear in 2019, you’ve come to the right place. 2019 men’s fashion has been dominated by bold colors and patterns as well as the surprising comeback of some vintage fabrics and designs. The result is anything but typical, and men can look forward to a huge variety of styles to suit their preferences this coming year.

Read on for our list of the top men’s style trends in 2019.

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1. Smartwatches/Wearable Technology

After the advent of Bluetooth headsets in 2002, the market for wearable technology skyrocketed over the next 10-15 years. Since then, innovations like the Fitbit and the Apple watch have solidified the concept of wearable technology and taken it to new heights.

Especially in recent years, wearable technology has become extremely popular in the world of men’s style trends. In fact, the units sold of smartwatches and other high-tech wearables are estimated to exceed 305 million by the year 2020, with a compounded growth rate of 55 percent annually.

2. Crossbody Bags

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a huge growth in bags and satchels taking over men’s style trends. The most surprising of these trends was the fanny pack making a comeback in 2018, but like many, we’re still not sure we’re on board with that one.

Luckily, menswear trends seem to be headed in a different direction in 2019. The new crossbody bags that are trending are somewhat of a mix between the fanny pack and the classic men’s satchel. They’re more compact and casual, but also more elegant and sleek. 

3. Floral Print

This popular print in men’s style trends has been making appearances over the past five years, but it’s now getting more attention as we get further into 2019. Considering that men’s style seems to favor bolder patterns every year, this isn’t a huge surprise.

Not to be confused with the kitschy, luau floral prints found on Hawaiian shirts, 2019 men’s fashion is favoring more understated, Art Nouveau-inspired floral patterns. The bold style is colorful yet classy, with tons of modern vintage appeal. 

4. Camo

Men’s style trends tend to borrow the popular looks of women’s fashions, and the resurgence of camo print is no exception. It was huge for women in 2018 and is now making its way into 2019 men’s fashion.

Camo print has certainly come a long way since its original purpose of blending in. Now, this print is meant to stand out, with bold colors and designs that go far beyond the traditional earthy greens.

Camo prints in 2019 men’s fashion often favor cooler color schemes, such as blacks, greys, and blues.  Whether it’s on a jacket or a pair of pants, this print is sure to be on trend in men’s style this year.

5. Pattern Play

This is another women’s trend that gradually made it over to the world of men’s style trends, and it’s sure to be increasingly popular in 2019 men’s fashion.

The look involves mixing contrasting patterns in a bold way, while still maintaining a sense of visual balance. This is typically achieved by matching a bolder pattern with a more muted design. If done right, this style is daring and boundary-pushing while still being very fashion forward.

When this trend hit women’s fashion, it was pretty open-ended. Patterns were usually mixed between a blouse or sweater with a skirt or even slacks. With men’s style trends, however, the patterns are usually mixed on the same shirt, often in more formal styles.

A good example of this can be found trending in Modern Luxury Menswear today. Dressy button-down shirts feature a bold yet darker, more muted pattern, with a pop of the contrasting pattern that shows when the sleeves are rolled up. The look is very colorful yet still business-savvy and put-together.

6. Bright Socks

The prevalence of bold designs in men’s style trends is in socks too!

As we get further into 2019, men are turning away from neutral dress socks in favor of styles that are much wilder. Bright, neon colors accompany loud, vivid patterns for a look that stands out from traditional neutrals.

The length of the sock is changing, too. Low cut and longer styles are being swapped out for a length that stands at mid-length between the ankle and upper calf.

7. Patterned Short-Sleeve Collared Shirts

Bright patterns have already created quite a stir in men’s fashion over the past few years, but as we approach 2019, the traditional “long sleeve” button-up is being swapped out for the newer, short-sleeved look.

Still adorned with striking patterns, these new short-sleeve collared shirts are sure to be seen more in 2019 men’s fashion. They’re a much cooler, simpler, and less formal alternative while still having style to boot. 

8. Plaid

Plaid was hugely popular in the ’90s, with slouchy, loose flannel shirts dominating the grunge scene. 2019 men’s fashion is seeing a resurgence of this pattern, but with a modern twist.

Instead of baggy, ill-fitting flannel shirts, men’s style trends are showing a much cleaner, put-together version of this fashion. Styles are more fitted, the fabric is more form-fitting, and the plaid features smaller, tighter, more cleaned-up designs. It’s also moving from strictly casual to a more business-casual vibe.

9. Faux Fur

As a long-time frontrunner in women’s fashion trends, faux fur is becoming increasingly popular in men’s style trends for 2019 as well. Camel and tan shearling are the most common styles, usually adorning a darker jacket or sweatshirt.

There’s also a comeback of the traditional fur-lined hoods and even outdoor accessories such as hats and gloves.

10. Animal Print

This men’s style trend is only for the wildly bold. Daring men are setting the 2019 men’s fashion trend of animal print. This can be seen on scarves, sweaters, jackets, shoes, or even pants as well.

These animal prints were seen all over the runway this past year, so this style is forecasted to become even more mainstream and wearable for men as 2019 progresses. 

11. Puffer Vests and Jackets

Puffer-styles vests and jackets never really went out of style, but they’re making a comeback in 2019 men’s fashion. More and more styles are popping up in most major retailers, providing revamped versions of this classic style.

What’s changed in 2019 is the puffer is less “puffy,” so to speak. The old styles were shapeless and bulky, often hiding the outfit underneath. Today’s puffers are moving away from that trend, featuring less “puff: and a slimmer fit, often being left unzipped to reveal the rest of the ensemble. 

12. Corduroy

Here’s another unexpected comeback of an old fashion favorite. The return of corduroy is sure to be prominent in 2019 men’s fashion. It’s a classic, vintage look that can be dressed up or down.

The resurgence of corduroy in men’s style trends for 2019 can often be seen paired with the trend of faux fur, especially shearling. Online searches for this fabric type are way up this year, so you’ll be sure to see it in all your go-to retailers this fall season.

13. Bold Scarves

Until now, statement-making scarves were a style strictly reserved for the ladies. Luckily, in 2019, men are getting in on this super fun fashion accessory too.

As we progress into this year, bold scarves are now more gender-neutral than ever before.

14. Light Acid-Washed Denim

Denim is perhaps the longest-running fashion textile, a classic look that never goes out of style. However, thanks to the incredible versatility of this fabric, it still shows fresh styles year after year.

In the previous five years or so, the dominating denim look for men was a dark wash, and for good reason. It’s slimming and neutral enough to match anything.

However, in true 2019 fashion, denim is approaching more a much bolder, statement-making wash. Acid washing is being taken to a new extreme, creating bright jeans with high-contrast designs. Although they take more care in styling, they work well as the focal point for an outfit.

15. Long Jackets and Statement Outerwear

Typically, men’s coats and jackets have stayed fairly neutral in design and color. However, the ongoing men’s style trend for the past year places more attention on the outerwear, and we couldn’t be more on board with it.

Making fashion statements with long coats and bright patterns is a longtime staple in women’s fashion. 2019 is seeing this trend more mirrored in menswear, making way for bold designs that are sure to cure the winter blues.

Experiment with the Hottest Men’s Style Trends This Year

If you’re looking to take your personal style up a notch, 2019 is your year. By experimenting with the new, bold men’s style trends and keeping up with the best lifestyle websites for men, you can put your own personal touch on these trends. All it takes is a little persistence, a daring spirit, and close attention to the details.

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