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I Meant To Tell You I Loved You is completely engrossing in the sheer vocal range that CoCo lays out here. There is a cogent story that is weaved through this composition that is highlighted through a very laid-back, Prince-infused synth. The vocal and instrumental elements during the track push each to a higher level than if they were alone; by the end of the time I Meant To Tell You I Loved You concludes, listeners will be on the edges of their seats.

How Much Longer is another strong track from Jasper “Jazz’ Myers. The presence of a pair of vocals – male and female – and the numerous dynamics that are established between them and the twinkling backing beat will keep listeners finding new twists and turns even five or ten plays in.

Special Kind of Lover is a focused R&B track that needs little more than a sultry set of vocals and a Spartan sort of instrumentation to have listeners perk up. This erotic, seductive track parallels lovemaking in its deliberate approach, allowing listeners to hear how much control that Myers ultimately has over his own musical output.

My Heart Wont Brake is an effort that feels destined for radio play. The in-your-face percussion, the more touching vocals, and a considerable amount of range shown fans by Myers are all indicators of primo quality. With a bit of bass playing at the background, this is an effort that will continue to shine as listeners put more time into it.

Im Still a Believer in Love is absolutely amazing. During this track, Myers steps back just a bit and allows a funky bass line, plinking pianos and a robust instrumentation to bring listeners to the promised land.

Top Tracks: I Meant To Tell You I Loved You, Special Kind of Lover,
Im Still a Believer in Love

Rating: 8.4/10

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