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It’s hard to believe that Change of Pace, Andy Frasco’s latest LP comes on the heels of a break up and a realization that his cocaine-fueled lifestyle may need a little adjustment.

From the opening funk-drenched title track and throughout most of the other 10 songs here, Frasco and his band have the same party vibe that has quickly attracted audiences across the globe over the past few years. But if you listen to the lyrics, especially on songs like “Love, Come Down,” “Let Your Mind Be Free” and the mellower “Somedays,” you can hear the change in a much more thoughtful Frasco.

The irresistibly fun vibe is still there, but a little more mature and even contrite with this go round. The horns – always a strength and a standout in his sets, can still be heard loud and clear on “Find a Way” and “The Walk,”  but the best song here is the closing “Don’t Let the Haters get You Down,” a two-middle-fingers-in-the-air rousing anthem to assholes everywhere.  

Andy Frasco & The U.N. – Change of Pace/11 tracks/Republic of Music/2019 / Domain / Facebook

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