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A summer vacation is one the most exciting events of the year.

It’s a chance to go somewhere new and exotic, get outdoors and enjoy the glorious weather.

So here are seven sizzling hacks to help make your summer getaway even better.

1. Private browsing

Travel sites can use cookies to track your visits and then bump up the prices each time you return. You can get around this by turning on private browsing mode when looking for flights, accommodation and other vacation activities. This is extra important in Summer where travel is at its most popular and prices are already high.

2. Power bank

When you’re out in the sunshine without a plug socket in sight, a portable power bank is your best friend. It’ll enable you to keep gadgets like your phone or tablet charged so you can take plenty of holiday snaps and stay connected. Make sure you choose one with plenty of power – if you’re unsure where to start, this list of devices from technology experts TechRadar will help.

3. Resealable bags

If you’re planning on going to a beach of theme park whilst during your getaway, put your phone and other electronics in resealable plastics bags to prevent them from getting wet. Pack a few extra and you’ll also have spares to use at airport security for your liquids – perfect or what?

4. Makeshift speaker

If you just can’t be without your music, but you’re worried about taking your much-loved speaker away with you – make your own. All you need is a toilet or kitchen paper tube and some thumb tacks. This guide from how-to experts wikiHow will show you what to do to enjoy loud and lovely DIY beats wherever you go.

5. Refillable bottle

Taking a refillable bottle will enable you to carry a refreshing drink with you wherever you go. Plus, it’ll save you from forking out a load of dollars on expensive airport beverages, because you can top it up with water for free. Just remember that you won’t be able to fill your bottle up until after you’ve gone through airport security.

6. Keep your money safe

Use an empty sun cream bottle or other discrete container to store your holiday spending money. This way, should thieves come lurking, they’re unlikely to get their grubby paws on your cash.

7. Drive to the airport

No one wants to begin their summer vacay sandwiched between strangers on stuffy public transport, so drive to the airport instead. With the windows down and a cool breeze blowing, you’ll be nice and relaxed for your flight. And remember to book parking too – airport parking site has affordable deals for hubs across the US.

With these seven helpful hacks to hand (and a Saudi Arabia Visa), your summer vacay will go by without a hitch.

That’s our list! Share your summer travel hacks in the comments section.

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