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CBD is making waves around the U.S. and Canada after the two countries legalized it in rapid succession. CBD’s proponents are touting its effectiveness across multiple fields, from treating diseases to helping dogs with joint pain. Now, CBD are trying to discover ways to apply the benefits of CBD and working out. There are a few solid theories that link some of CBD’s properties to a healthy workout routine.

CBD is a non-psychoactive cousin of THC, a compound found in cannabis plants and related to hops. CBD is form a family of chemicals called cannabinoids that are found mostly in hemp plants, is a compound that affects neurotransmitters within the human body. It’s similar in structure to compounds called endocannabinoids. Essentially, these compounds are responsible for a “runner’s high,” and have other roles that can aid in working out.

CBD Helps with Workout Recovery

Experts have recently recognized the importance of post-workout recovery in a fitness routine. Recovery after a workout session is an important and overlooked aspect of fitness. When you work out, you cause small tears to form in your muscles. During recovery, the body regenerates these tears. As a result, your body bulks up and you get more fit. Recovery is where your body becomes stronger long-term. It’s where the body adapts to the routine you’ve put it through. In short, recovery is a crucial part of working out. But how can CBD aid in workout recovery?

CBD can help play a crucial role in the workout recovery process. It’s important to include some sort of anti-inflammatory routine during workout recovery. That’s why professional football players take ice baths after practice. In addition, it’s the same reason people eat antioxidant-rich food when they work out. Both of these techniques reduce inflammation and help increase blood flow to your recovering muscles. In addition, there has been an increase in older adults and seniors using CBD tinctures and oils. These products help with pain management, another important aspect of post-workout recovery. 

Other Benefits of CBD and Working Out

There are plenty of other benefits from including CBD in a workout routine. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD help you recover from the physical “aches and pains” of working out, treating the symptoms of muscle regeneration. However, these typical everyday aches and pains are only the beginning of CBD’s pain reducing quality.

Another way that CBD helps with workout recovery is pain management. Injured athletes can also use CBD for pain management. CBD is an effective pain reducer, and in some cases can be an effective alternative to using prescription opiates and NSAIDS. This is an area where CBD salves and topicals can be especially effective. CBD doesn’t negatively affect the kidneys and liver the same way that opiates and NSAIDS do. In addition, CBD is also non-habit forming. Both of these aspects can make CBD and attractive alternative for treating pain.

Which CBD Products Help with Working Out?

Generally, CBD taken orally is one of the most effective ways to deliver the compound to you body. You can buy tinctures and oil that are dissolved under the tongue. Subsequently, these compounds are delivered to the rest of the body. Your body will absorb tinctures and oils faster and more completely than most other forms of CBD. CBD-infused topical cremes are a helpful post-workout tool. You can apply these directly to the area you’ve been working out, so you can directly target which muscle group you’re working out.

Whatever CBD product you choose, remember to check the ingredients. The highest quality CBD concentrates are made from full hemp plants, not just hemp plant seeds. Make sure you check the ingredients of any product you buy to make sure it’s made from a full hemp plant, not “hemp seed oil.” You can check out Google for some good product reviews. If you don’t want to do the long and tedious process of doing your own research, visit this site to know everything about CBD and CBD products.

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