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When it comes to eyesight, the clearer, the better, and that is why many people go to the extent of getting lenses to help them enhance their vision. Picking the perfect lens for your eye is not your choice to make but must be advised by your doctor. It’s also good to know that for your lens to help you; it is crucial to take care of them because of bad handling I one of the reasons why your contact lens is blurry.To avoid worsening your already lousy condition here is ways of taking care of your contact lens.

Keep your fingers clean

It is vital to keep your fingers free of any impurities that can get stuck on your contact lens. You, therefore, need to ensure that you wash your hands and dry them thoroughly. When cleaning, you are advised not to use oil-based soap or soap that is perfumed because these elements can remain in your lens and you will not notice it until you wear your contact.

Follow the prescribed schedule

When wearing your contacts, it is crucial that you stick to what has been prescribed for you. The contact lens can only be used so many times, and even, there are disposable ones that are to be worn for just a day. When you fail to adhere to your schedule, keep in mind that you will be using a contact lens that is no longer effective since its time has run out. That means you will do absolutely nothing good to correct your eyesight.

Keep your contacts clean

Use a new solution to rinse your contacts each time you take them off. One mistake that many people make is that they add more solution to the one used before. The main essence of cleaning your contacts is to keep them safe from any impurities and even bacteria. When you keep rinsing your contact lens using a solution that is not fresh, you will be allowing them to get damaged fast because of the stubborn impurities. It is also important to keep the tip of the solution clear of any contact to prevent it from getting contaminated.

Avoid using other kinds of lubricant

It’s wrong to use water or saliva to wet your contacts. That is because they don’t provide the right lubrication conditions that are favorable, and some will spoil your contacts. It is essential to use the prescribed lubricant to prevent your contact lens from getting damaged due to poor handling. Note that because the eye is too sensitive, you don’t want to use water to lubricate your contact lens only to regret later on to find that the water you used was contaminated causing you more problems.


It is easy to maintain clear eyesight using contact lens but only if you take good care of your lens. Note that many people prefer having an extended contact lens that can be worn all the times for a week. That is because it reduces lens handling, lowering the damage risks.

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Joel Hunter, MD is an Ophthalmologist, Refractive Surgeon, and the Founder of Hunter Vision in Orlando, Florida. A recognized and respected specialist in vision correction who has performed thousands of refractive surgeries, Joel gives lectures across the country and trains fellow doctors in the newest LASIK surgery techniques.

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