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A lot of artists are going old school with their music videos this summer and utilizing everything from DIY-style camcorder photography to stop-motion animation and other 80s-fashioned aesthetical looks, but there’s something quite unique about the four minute visual spectacle that Satellītes has made for us in the new music video for “Love & Disaster,” the title track of the debut album from Jasmine Bleile’s emerging solo venture. While the aforementioned trend has produced a mixed bag of results, “Love & Disaster” fills in the ends of its retro stylization with a lot of contemporary color, yielding a cerebral intensity that is reminiscent more of early funk than it is anything labeled “alternative” by today’s mainstream press. It’s a fantastically engaging piece, and a wonderful sample of what listeners can expect to find in the record of the same name.


I really love the video for “Love & Disaster,” but the song by itself is a show-stopper that didn’t need any extra glitz to make a big impression this month. It’s essentially an electrified rendition of what sounds and feels like a roaring jazz standard that has been collecting dust for the last century; everything is designed to complement the vocal, but the instrumentation gives off a smoke-filled nightclub vibe that is inarguably the best backdrop that Bleile could have asked for here. “Love & Disaster” is laced with splendid bravado, but it’s more of an affront on everything that we’ve been told a modern pop song is supposed to look like than it is anything else.

Satellītes is a new find for me, but I’m very intrigued by the artistic narrative behind the style of this exotic new music video and single. Too often in 2019, we’ve seen artist after artist come close to making a track that merges themes from the storied past of a classic sound with the progressive attitudes of a post-genre generation, only to fall apart with some ridiculous electronic accentuation, but that’s not an issue in “Love & Disaster.” Jasmine Bleile takes an educated approach to her composing here, and gives us a single that is different from any other currently out at the moment in all the right ways.


Kim Muncie

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