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Email marketing has become a part of content marketing. Nowadays, email keeps on popping in the inbox every now and then, thereby limiting the chance of getting more open rates. So if you want to stand out in the crowd and want your recipients to engage with your email you definitely have to do something exceptional.

Here are some tricks to increase your email response through rate:

  • IMPROVE YOUR EMAIL SUBJECT LINE: Many companies’ only focuses on developing an engaging content totally ignoring the subject line. But if a person is not convinced with the subject line, then why will he even open the mail to read?

No reason, right?

So, for blogger outreach service like keeping good email subject line is the first step to engage your audience. Few tips to write an excellent subject line are:

  • Keep it short and simple, within 30-50 characters.
  • It should tell what your content is about.
  • Use tokens of personalisation, especially the name of the receiver.
  • Make people feel special by adding phrases like “to our dear customer”, ”you are invited” etc.
  • Try to add number like “more than 10 new items are added to our collection”
  • IMPROVE YOUR EMAIL CONTENT: After fixing your subject line your next target is the content of your email. Are you thinking: Since the reader has opened your mail, you have won the lottery then why is it important to improve content? It is essential because to make your subscriber happy. This ensures that they will be interested to open your future mails.

Here are few tips to make your content right:

  • Cook up something valuable.
  • Add humours and personalisation in your content.
  • Make sure the deliver the reason of relevancy of your email.
  • Add gifs, images and videos that align with your content.
  • If you can’t guess what your audience wants, go for feedback.
  • CHOOSE RIGHT LAYOUT DESIGN: Organising and choosing a correct layout for your email is as important as writing an outstanding content. A boring design can make you email look boring even if your content is up to the mark. So, your aim to make your content visually attractive. Below are few tips or awesome design:
  • Don’t stretch your email too wide to fit in one screen. 600 pixels width is perfect.
  • In newsletter format, having 2-3 column is enough for 600 pixels width limit.
  • Break your content in small paragraphs with headings and sub-headings.
  • Use meaningful quotes.
  • Watermark the prime points.
  • DON’T FORGET MOBILE USERS: According to a study of BlueHornet, about 68% check their emails through mobiles.

    That’s a too huge percentage of users to ignore. Few tips to appeal your mobile users are:

  • No matter how large the mobile screen is. Even two columns will appear too much crowded. So, one column is good.
  • Using large fonts makes easy to read.
  • Using smaller pictures can reduce load time.
  • Insert “view in browser“ link so that even if your email looks wonky on their device, your content is still accessible by them.
  • Don’t add two links in too proximity. This reduces the accidental tapping of wrong link.
  • WRITE LIKE A FRIEND: Usually reader loves to read an email from a known person rather than some unknown big companies. That doesn’t mean that you have to know your reader personally. You need to compose your email in a friendly manner so that they don’t feel like a bot is talking to him.

For example:

Instead of writing “We have added 10 new items to our collections for our customers” you can write “We have 10 more items to offer to you”. This is an alternative which gives more friend-like feeling.

You can also start your email with “Hey there, how are you doing?” or “Hi Varsita, hope you are enjoying your day.”

This makes your recipients feel that they are talking to someone they know reducing the probability to delete your email.

  • FRESHEN UP YOUR LIST: It is very important to freshen up your email list time to time by removing the inactive subscriber, someone who didn’t engage himself for over 6 months. If you are trying to reach out to blogger for guest posting make sure you check email first using spam checkers.

But before removing them, try to get response from them by sending a last-ditch-effort email. The persons who will not reply are the ones you need to remove from your list. An example of last-ditch-effort email is:

By regularly refreshing your email list, you can have a list of active subscriber. This helps you to get an increment in your open rates and click rates because this metric is measured by number of interacting subscribers.

  • FREEBIES AND DISCOUNTS: To hold the interest of your customers and keep them engaged you can share a few attractive things that only your subscribers can have access, other than your promotional content. This makes your recipients happy and thereby boosts your open-through rates. Following are the list your subscribers will love to have:
  • Holiday GIFs and images to include in their holiday emails. People love to see something that is visually attractive.
  • Some humorous jokes that can bring smile in their faces. This breaks the monotony and makes your email more appreciable.
  • You can also share some freebies like free sample or trial services.
  • You can deliver promotional content for upcoming sales and discount offers beforehand only to your subscribers. This gives them a feeling that they belong to some exclusive groups.

These are some easy tricks to grow your email list and boost your open rates at the same time. Nothing happens overnight, but if you keep on trying nothing is impossible. Before sending them any gifts, put yourself in their shoes and think from their viewpoint. More importantly try to be friendlier to keep them engage.

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