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Being a house owner, you probably know how to fix small plumbing issues, air conditioners break down, furnace issues etc. but when it comes to fixing electric panel issues, you don’t know the ropes. The old breaker box may also fail to support the modern electrical devices many times.

An amount of $506-$1720 is spent by an average house owner behind fixing the electric panel issues. A commercial project may have to spend more than this average figure. So now you can judge, how important it is to acknowledge the problems and protect the appliances from burning.

You might have observed a metal box in the basement or utility room which looks like a box of large switches. This circuit provides electricity to the various parts of the house and through the outlets gives the power supply to the gadgets and devices. The circuit breakers that are present inside the panel breaks down in case of an overload or power surges, thereby protecting the connected devices.

So, if after reading this, you feel that there is a malfunction in the surplus electrical panel, or you have an old breaker box, you are risking your electronic devices. Not only that, you are putting at stake the house member’s lives as a single malfunction in the electric system can  lead to electric fires in the house.

But there is a catch here, an electric panel doesn’t always trip instantly, but it gives certain warning signals which one should always look out for. These warnings indicate that it’s high time to replace the electric distribution panel and get a new one in place. Here is a list of some basic and common key indicators when you should start looking out for an expert to replace the panel.

●   Circuit breakers start tripping constantly:

Circuit breakers generally last for a decade, but if you feel that it has started tripping more frequent than earlier, it is the time to have a closer look. A malfunctioned service panel is more susceptible to power surges. Also, if your home electrical needs exceed the current capacity of the panel, there are chances of frequent tripping of the circuit breaker. Regular tripping and fixing of breakers is a clear indication for electric panel replacement.

Many times, if the electric panel is old and the appliances are running simultaneously, they can not accommodate the power surges. Hence, you require a completely new electric panel.

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