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TexMex Shaman has just released a new single, Peking Bass, that is able to draw from a wide swath of distinct EDM styles to make for something memorable. The production of Peking Bass allows for this distinct collection of approaches to work separately or as disparate pieces contributing to a coherent whole. A booming bass line is weaved throughout the entirety of Peking Bass, allowing TexMex Shaman ample opportunity to link together late 1990s electronic, trance, and hints of Daft Punk and Junior Senior.

There’s a bit of grimness, a grittiness which ensures the laid-back funk section to pop. This is bar none some of the most intricate arrangements we’ve delved into so far this year. With TexMex Shaman more than happy to take fans on a ride, it’s not surprising that Peking Bass continually wiggles and scintillates in the air. Sweeping synths, klaxons, and an infectious Parlament-esque groove are all presented to anyone listening in over the course of no more than 20 seconds.

Peking Bass succeeds because TexMex Shaman is able to allow his own unique compositions ample time to air out. Where it would be easy for him to builds upon some of the themes and trends presented here to expand this into the 8 to 10 minute range, I feel that TM is able to deftly balance a laser-like focus to the overall spirit of the track with an expansive, engrossing groove. Peking Bass has TexMex Shaman adding bit of industrial, riding this distinct set of sounds to the wheels fall off.

Fans can pick up their own copy of Peking Bass from all DSPs. Make sure to check out about what TexMex Shaman is up to by visiting his SoundCloud. Let us know what you think – write a comment about Peking Bass below.

Rating: 8.5/10

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