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Vaping it out with some refreshing e-juices is a great way to bring back your chill when anxiety hits. Here are some of the best ones for relaxation. If you need to step out of a stressful situation and breathe it out sometimes, vaping can be a wonderful accompaniment. The slow inhale and exhale routine allows one to center the mind and feel truly charged up from inside. Also, it can be the perfect excuse to socialize at a party, letting you connect with people in the vape room that you wouldn’t have otherwise met while making occasional smoking far less injurious to health than using traditional cigarettes.

There are unending relaxation benefits to vaping and you can make it a very individual smoking experience with a customized e-juice flavor of your choice. From cannabis to candy and custard, there are thousands of sweet-tasting, tangy, and refreshing e-liquids out there for you to Zen; here are the best of the calming ones from Blazed Vapes:

Orenji Julius Vape Juice
Orenji Julius, or orengillious! It’s mild, citrusy, and very very refreshing! This e-juice plays on the traditional Julius Oranges drink that is prepared with orange juice blended with milk, French vanilla, and sweet cream.
The delicate balance of ripe, sweet citrus and rich cream milky indulgence of this traditional drink is the stuff of pure nostalgia and the e-juice counterpart can tap into our sensory memory of Julius Oranges extremely effectively.

Serving as a perfect accompaniment to your vaping mind break, this e-juice is going to unleash some magic, bathing your whole tongue in the sweet and tangy deliciousness. Orenji Julius delivers a great mood-lifting hit, though not overwhelming at all! Get this e-juice in cartridges of 60 ml for your vape pods.

5 Types Naked Salt E-juice
The five Naked Salt flavors make a great line-up, infusing tropical fruit flavors with a rich blend of tobacco here and there. You are going to like the understated quality and aftertaste, the smacks of realistically replicated fruits, the very satisfying tobacco notes, and the ergonomic design for fitting into pod devices. The flavors are:

● Frost Bite: It is an inviting concoction of pineapple, honeydew melon, and cantaloupe blended into a delicious cold mix.
● Lava Flow: Here’s a tropical fruit punch of ripe strawberries, fresh and light coconut, and sour pineapple. The effect is sweetly warming.

● Really Berry: Sweet and tart, it has overlapping notes of strong tasting blueberries, blackberries, and a lemony sugar glaze.
● American Patriots: Tobacco flavored, this rich and firm blend works for a kick on low-energy days.
● Brain Freeze: A breath of freshness and cooling particles, this blend is one part juicy strawberry and kiwi and another- cold menthol and a pinch of pomegranate.

These are all 30 ml bottles meant for the pod, with nicotine levels running at 35 MG to 50 MG. You may also prefer to vape on a blend of two or more of these salt nicotine liquids.

Zenith E-juice Orion
It’s a chill-pill kind of a hit with this e-liquid flavor. There’s some sweet and sour raspberry in the mix with lemonade tang to it and finished off with soothing menthol. The nicotine levels run at 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg– choose the way you like it on these 60 ml packs. Next time you feel anxious; just take a break with these great vaping flavors. Try a new one every week!

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