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Are you a beginner who is new to the world of vaping? Are you feeling a tad overwhelmed? Don’t worry. We have you covered. This post is a step-by-step guide on how to vape like a pro, so no one has to know you’re a novice.

What’s a Vape Pen Anyway?

A vaping pen is essentially a small, handheld device that you use to heat up nicotine and e-juices. You then inhale the resulting vapors for that relaxing effect, which feels a lot like smoking.

These devices use a combination of high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations and heat to transform the juices into vapors. It does the job without creating smoke or burning the oil.

Vaping pens’ popularity continued to grow ever since this device first hit the market back in 2003, created by Hon Lik, the Chinese pharmacist. Today millions of people use it worldwide as an alternative to conventional cigarette smoking.


How Does it Work?

This is a common query and a good one that many people have. The way to understanding its working mechanism lies in familiarizing yourself with various parts.

Typically, a vape pen would have a lithium-ion battery (rechargeable one), a cartridge aka tank, atomizer, a mouthpiece, and a sensor. Upon sucking the mouthpiece, the sensor picks up the signal sent via the battery. This causes the temperature to rise through the atomizer.

This rise in temperature heats-up the liquid inside the tank/cartridge and transforms it into vapors. The vapors then pass through the device, enter your mouth, and get released through the exhale.


Setting up the Device for the Very First Time.

As soon as your device reaches your doorsteps, the first instinct is to turn the device on while the tank is empty. That’s a common mistake and an understandable one.

Curiosity can get the better of you. But, do not make that mistake. Hitting the fire button on an empty tank will burn the organic cotton that sits inside the coil. This might damage the coil. As a result, it might alter the taste of e-liquid, which would lead to a first bad impression. No one wants that.


Here’s How to Go About it

Step 1

Cut open your box, take out the device, and place it on a flat, even surface.

Step 2

Find out whether your tank is a bottom-fill or a top-fill. Nine out of ten devices available in the market today are top fill. If you’re unsure, check the product packaging. Remove the filling vape. Typically this will mean unscrewing the upper section of the tank.

Now take the e-liquid bottle out and slowly start filling the tank. Be sure not to overflow it. Look for a ‘max fill line’ on the tank. Once the tank is full, close the cap.

Step 3

Be sure not to skip this step as it’s a crucial one. Let your tank sit for around 5 minutes before you begin to use it. This is essential to get access to the entire range of flavors and that fine experience. The idea is to let the coil soak enough liquid. Coil is generally covered with cotton, which soaks the liquid. When the cotton is fully soaked, you avoid chances of accidental dry hits. You also reduce the chances of burning the coil.

Pro Tip – Slowly draw on the mouthpiece while the fire button IS OFF. This is a quick way to help the cotton soak the liquid evenly and thoroughly. Suction helps draw the liquid faster.


Step 4

Vape pens can be of two types – variable wattage and fixed wattage device. If yours doesn’t display the wattage on display screen and has no controls on the side, that means it’s a fixed one. Controls on the side mean it’s a variable wattage device. Move on to step number 5 once you have established that.


Step 5

Before you proceed to use the device, be sure to check that all the settings essential for powering the coil are in place. For example, if your device comes with 1.8-ohm BVC coil, you will need to set it at a recommended wattage of 9-15 watts. You can find these devices at Big Daddy Smoke.

The correct way to use such a device is to set the output at 12 watts using the up and down arrow keys. This is essential to make sure the coil is not over/underpowered. Incorrect settings can lead to coil burning out quickly, resulting in bad tasting vapors.

To know this information, check the inside of the device or the packaging. You can also read the manual that comes with the device. Sometimes the instructions will be written on the coil itself. Check out the manufacturer/retailer site if you can’t find this information anywhere.


Step 6

You are now good to go. Put the mouthpiece/tip of the device in your mouth and start drawing the vapors via the mouthpiece. Hold the fire button down while you are drawing. Start with the draws that last for 1-2 seconds.

From there, you can adjust the device slowly. Figure out your personalized settings as you go on; something that works best for you.

That’s it! These are the things you need to take care of.


Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you found this guide helpful and easy to follow. The most important thing is to exercise caution and safety for that pleasant first-time experience.

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