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Watching riders doing their incredible and acrobatic stunts on dirt bikes or motocross is thrilling! To riders, it is more than an adventure; it is their passion, and they love it. But learning how to ride a motocross or dirt bike has never been an easy task. After lots of tip-overs, throttle twists, and crashes, one can fulfill his urge to become a better dirt bike rider.

Dirt bike riding requires continuous development of riders skills in balance, throttle control, selection of gear, riding approach, and a sense of caution throughout the journey. Your ability to make the turns more controlled, and jumps more precise is essential to be a good dirt biker. Use of right safety gear, e.g., dirt bike helmet, shoes, etc. is also a necessary part of motocross riding.

In this article, we will discuss some dirt bike riding tips for those who are a novice at dirt biking. The information (techniques and tips) given below are not exhaustive for sure, but they represent the basics, understanding of which will help you create the foundation you need before start riding.

Riding Stance

Understanding the perfect riding position is the first thing for a new rider learning dirt bike riding. Most of the newbies make a mistake by considering motocross biking similar to bicycle riding. Lots of crashes and severe dirt bike accidents occur just because of this wrong understanding. Many riders continuously fail to speed up for not acquiring an accurate riding position. For example, they sit lazily with giving all their weight on the butt, keep their elbows down, and do some other identical thing that they used to do while riding a bicycle.

You must keep it in mind that dirt bike riders need to sit in a quite aggressive style with a steady mind setup of soaking bumps up. You must sit more forward on a dirt bike, not far back. Use your leg power by squeezing your bike with knees. Keep the elbows away from the body and a bit higher. Your position should be like an aggressive tennis player stance on the court who is waiting for a ball to hit.

Use of Clutch and Brake

If you have already ridden a car, you might try similarly riding a dirt bike, especially when it comes to throttling or clutch control. Don’t get confused, please. Never think the clutch of a dirt bike similar to that of a car. A dirt bike is not a car, and it is irrelevant to use the clutch for downshifting like a car. Riders who don’t know this law try to slow down in front of a turn and downshift the clutch instantly. Doing this means you are interrupting bikes flow while turning, which shall be the last thing to do if it is a dirt bike. Keep trust on your brake pads, figure out how much you require for breezing through the incoming turn, and use the brake accordingly.

Practice and Practice

Perhaps you have heard it many times; we are repeating- you cannot be a better dirt bike rider unless practice more and more. You will quickly forget things that you’ve learned less than you require. As you have an older habit of riding a bicycle or car, you can easily be confused while riding a motocross bike unless you can make it a habit, as well. Old habits try to sneak up often on you, which you can only control by practicing a new habit. As long can ensure the right body position and perfect use of brake, clutch, and feet, you should continue to practice.

Right Riding Gears

We have said in the introduction that the right gears are crucial for dirt bikes. You must search for the most appropriate gears, which are the safest also. But keep it in mind that the right safety gear for regular motorcyclists may not be secure or proper for dirt biking. You should be very specific here. And don’t go for the cheap one.

Last Words

Dirt bikes, in most cases, come with an electric start system these days. A common mistake by newbies is that they turn off their bikes using the switch on the handlebar. They forget that doing this can switch off the bike, but the battery is still on! Continuous practice (this way) can kill the battery shortly. So, switch off your bike using the key. The last but not least, keep your MX bike clean and well-maintained for better performance and long service life.

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