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Before you can begin using brand strategies for a marketing campaign, you need to understand what your brand is. Do not make the mistake of thinking your brand is your logo, your product, or your website. Although all of those are essential components of what makes up a brand, your actual brand has more to do with intangible things, such as your company’s character, culture, and purpose. By identifying the objectives of your brand and knowing who your customers are, you can begin to build a suitable and successful brand. For example, high-quality customer service is an essential part of building a strong brand in e-commerce.

Once you have a strong company brand, it will be much easier to create a related branding strategy for your next marketing campaign. Here are four fantastic strategies to use.

Choose the Right Tools

Consider the most effective tools you have at your disposal to spread the word about your campaign. In this day and age, you must run your campaign online, through social media posts, email marketing, and SEO optimized website content. Make sure your brand is consistent throughout all of those. Do not discount other ways of getting the word out, though. Word of mouth is still an effective way of campaigning. You could also do in-store events, create promotional stands, or attend industry events. If you are not sure what works best for your industry, you might need to do a market research to get a better idea of what you should be focusing on.

Give Away Promotional Items

One of the most effective branding strategies for marketing campaigns is giving away promotional products. People love freebies, and if you give away items that will not become instantly thrown away, people will hold on to your promo items for a long time. That means your brand stays with a vast potential customer base long after your marketing campaign is over. Timeless, functional promotional products are the best to use. Promotions Warehouse has a broad range of promotional items to highlight your brand and logo, such as pens, bags, drinkware, and plush toys.

Focus on the Star Attraction of Your Campaign

Getting people interested in your campaign can be tougher than you may think. One way of grabbing people’s attention is to offer something precise rather than vague. For example, it is vague to tell prospective customers that you have a sale happening. Telling people about a specific discount on a particular product will pique their interest much more. Whatever your campaign focuses on, have precise goals and objectives, and be consistent with your branding. Focus on one significant element of your marketing campaign, such as:

·   A new service.

·   Free downloads.

·   Discounts.

·   An upcoming event.

·   A free consultation.

Select a Clear Call-to-action

The more authoritative your marketing campaign is, the more successful it will be. So, creating a clear call-to-action must be incorporated into your branding strategy. A strong call-to-action encourages people to take the next step. That means they have seen your campaign, and they are now invited to find out more about it. For example, your call-to-action could be “download the free app now,” “sign up to our newsletter,” or “make your reservation today.” Whatever your call-of-action is, ensure it is clear, concise, and as easy to act on as possible.

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