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Although derived from the same plant as marijuana, using CBD-infused products is not considered taboo. In fact, with the number of CBD users in different parts of the globe, you can find many brands of CBD-infused products, such as CBD wax and CBD vape oil in the market today.

CBD or cannabidiol is a natural compound from cannabis or hemp plants. There are several ways on how manufacturers extract CBD from the plant – they either do it by using the entire plant or selected parts of the plant. The potent concentration of CBD differs in each extraction process.

If you can’t decide between applying the product topically and vaping CBD, let this article help. This is an excellent resource to help you better understand the difference between CBD wax and CBD vape oil.

CBD Wax: What Is It?

CBD wax is made using different extraction processes. Generally, suppliers produce CBD wax by blasting the cannabis or hemp plant with a solvent during a “closed-loop extractions system” that includes the following methods:

  • Butane Hair Oil Extraction (BHO): This method uses butane to extract the essential oils present in the hemp or cannabis plant. Aside from cannabidiol, the BHO pulls out flavonoids and terpenes from the plant, as well.

Butane is left to evaporate in order to produce a highly concentrated substance. BHO is the most common extraction process used by CBD manufacturers to create CBD wax.

  • CO2 Extraction: Although new, the CO2 extraction process is slowly becoming more popular in the CBD industry. This extraction process utilizes pressured carbon dioxide to pull out cannabinoids and other essential oils from the plant.

CBD Wax Benefits

All CBD-infused products provide several health benefits. CBD wax can effectively treat muscle soreness, stress and anxiety, and even chronic acne.

But unlike other CBD-infused products, CBD wax is a highly potent product that contains little to zero amount of residual solvents. This product contains extremely high concentrations and purest forms of CBD, suitable for individuals who don’t want to consume anything that has strong flavors (terpenes is responsible for giving CBD its bitter and strong taste).

CBD Vape Oil: What Is It?

CBD vape oil is generally CBD oil used for vaping. CBD oil goes through several extraction processes, but all of these leave some kind of residue in the final product. Most CBD suppliers use the following extraction processes to provide CBD vape oil to the market:

  • Carrier Oil Extraction Method: Also known to be one of the most inexpensive methods of extracting CBD oil from the cannabis or hemp plant, several research bodies and health institutions recommend the Carrier Oil Extraction Method.

Aside from the health benefits of CBD, this extraction process preserves high levels of omega-rich acids. This nutrient is essential for your mind and body to function properly.

  • Extraction with grain alcohol: This extraction method increases the medicinal grade of CBD oil. CBD oil extracted with grain alcohol contains more nutrients than other CBD oils made from other extraction processes.

With this extraction process, CBD oil contains minimal impurities and residues. These characteristics are also the reasons why some people would consume CBD oils directly, instead of solely using it for smoking or vaping.

However, if you want to make the most out of CBD vape oil, you should not solely focus on its extraction process; you should pay more attention to the quality of the plant used in extracting the oil. Only use CBD vape oil that was grown and cultivated without any chemical fertilizers.

CBD Vape Oil Benefits

A lot of people vape in order to quit smoking. Several studies proved this claim stating that since electronic cigarettes contain lesser amounts of nicotine, it is a safer alternative to tobacco smoking. 

Using CBD vape oil will not only improve your vaping experience; this product is the most bioavailable way of taking CBD. According to studies, CBD has an intranasal bioavailability of 34% to 56%.

The bioavailability of CBD oil talks about how fast and at what rate your bloodstream absorbs the product. The higher the bioavailability of a CBD-infused product is, the faster you can enjoy its health benefits.

Once inhaled, your lungs will immediately absorb CBD. This compound will directly enter your bloodstream and travel through the different receptors in your body. Using CBD vape oil allows you to enjoy a continuous dose of CBD that’s absorbed by your body within minutes.

Consult Your Doctor First

Regardless of the form, CBD-infused products are generally safe for human use. The nutrients present in CBD-infused products can react with the receptors in your body and provide several health benefits.

However, before you choose whether to use CBD wax or CBD vape oil, consult your doctor first. It’s best if you let a medical professional know about your plans on using these products to maximize its benefits and prevent any side effects or health complications.

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