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Letter writing is kind of a lost art nowadays, so much so that the majority of us have never received nor held a paper letter that’s been sealed with a beautiful piece of waxwork. If you’re tempted to go old school and get scribbling, a wax seal is the perfect way to elevate your letters and gift something truly special to your contacts or social circle. A weighty, heartfelt letter addressed to loved ones, an informative resume, creative portfolio and professional communication are all great examples of paperwork that’s going to majorly benefit from a sumptuous, unique seal. Gone are the days of boring burgundy, there’s a whole world of creative ideas to make your letters completely captivating and cool. Here are 8 quirky ideas to create the wax seal of your dreams for your next artistic endeavour…

Glittering Powder

Glitter has taken off in the past few months, from makeup to clothes, homewares and accessories, you won’t go too far without catching the glint of a shining particle in one way or another this season. So, given we’re all going through a bit of a glitter renaissance, why not incorporate it into your crafting? Mix metallic glitter powder into your favouritecoloured waxes for a mystical, magical seal that will work perfectly for party invitations or seasonal greeting cards.

String Seals

There’s something undeniably old world luxe about wax sealing, and a string is a fantastic method of taking that romantic traveller vibe to the next level. Drape two layers of durable hessian string around your letter and seal them in place with a traditional toned wax for a gorgeous effect. If you’re a neutral lover, choose a beige or cream coloured wax to keep the colour palette harmonious and calm.

Gold Leaf

Gold leaf is such an amazing way to add an instant hint of sophistication without it feeling boring. Brush gold leaf over your wax to guild your seal, perfect for wedding invitations!

Carved Creations

Your wax seal doesn’t necessarily have to be defined by the stamp that you use! Enhance your stamp’s designs by quickly carving in a few custom creations into the wax before it dries. You can add some amazing patterns or scratch in the initials or the recipient for a wonderfully personalised touch.

Metallic Accents

Metallics don’t have to be overly confronting, you can use a delicate metallic pen to add a few subtle accents to your seal. Trace the embossing for a uniform yet imaginative effect or create some custom patterns.

Pressed or Dried Flowers

Is there anything more charming or whimsical than a delicate pressed flower? A small dried leaf, petal or dainty flower will bring a beautifully fresh and exciting element to your letters. This is an incredible way to embellish your wedding, christening or baby shower invites as well as Christmas cards or a romantic note to a loved one.

Pretty Pastels

A pretty pastel toned wax is a lovely way to incorporate a gentle yet unique look to your letters. Clean white mixed with buttercup yellows, baby blues, soft mints and pastel pinks just looks fabulous, perfect for a subtle yet individual stamp on your creative portfolio.


If all these sealing ideas are sending you into a little bit of an artistic tizzy, why not consider adding more than one method to your sealing process? Multiple seals are very cool and contemporary, just try to be sure to stick to odd numbers – design doesn’t usually favour even figures!

By now you should be itching to put pen to paper. Crafting is all about expressing yourself and developing your style, so get experimenting with your wax seals – the only limit is your imagination!

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