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Finding the perfect formal dress is no easy task! Hunting down that dream dress takes quite a bit of work, and with the date edging closer and closer it can get really stressful. You want some that’s dressy but not too over the top, flattering but not revealing, high quality but not too expensive – the list just keeps going on and on! Not to worry! Follow these handy tips and tricks to nab the right frock for your special night…

Gather inspiration

First things first, you need to know what it is that you’re looking for! Going in blind can make your entire process really confusing and difficult. Hop online and check out formal looks on Instagram and Pinterest. Be sure to look at different decades to expose yourself to some more unique or unexpected dress styles that are sure to turn heads. A mood board can keep you on track, so create on your socials, in an app or go old school and create a collage to have in your room – whatever takes your fancy.

Establish your budget

Time to crack down on your numbers and use those maths skills! Establishing your budget will dictate where you can and can’t shop, so you need to do this bit early on. Look at what you’re willing and able to spend and start checking out stores online to see what your options are within your budget. If you’re really tight for cash, look at formal dresses on sale or bagging one second-hand, there’s always something out there no matter what your budget is.

Try on different styles

Once you’ve got your inspiration and budget handy, you can actually start trying out styles! Now, physically trying on different dress cuts is very, very important, so don’t skip out in the name of ease. Head to the shops and try out silhouettes that are similar to a style you’ve seen online or, better yet, that you’re interested in purchasing in store. A few beautiful options that look flat out gorgeous on everyone include mermaid, A-line, off the shoulder and slip. Try on and snap a dressing room pic of yourself – you’re going to be photographed a lot on the night, so you need to find a style that you feel really comfortable in!

Materials make all the difference

Materials really make a dress, so once you’ve decided on your perfect fit you need to turn your attention to the fabric. If you’re looking to create a boho or romantic look opt for tulle or lace. Maybe you’re more minimal? Jersey, Ponti and crepe are all beautiful for a clean, contemporary aesthetic. Want to go more timeless? Lace, satin and silk will be your best friend. Keep your inspiration in mind when exploring your material options – whichever fabric crops up the most in your mood board is probably your favourite.

Choose colours carefully

Finally, it’s time to check out colours! This one should rest on your personal preferences and your natural colouring. Take a quick look at your wardrobe to get an idea of the colours that you favour on a day to day basis. Next, hold up gold and silver (whatever form you like, it can be in eyeshadow, jewellery, clothing or paint) next to your face. Decide which makes you pop more, which makes you feel the most beautiful version of yourself. Get a second opinion if you’re not quite sure. If you favour silver, you should stick to cool tones such as lilac, blue, mint, white and grey. If the gold makes you feel incredible, steer towards red, rose gold, pink, forest green and cream.

Follow these tips and you’re going to find your perfect formal dress in no time!

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