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Is 2020 the year you will be treating yourself to a few new pieces of stunning jewelry and adding to your growing collection? If so, you may be keen to learn all about what types and styles of jewelry are currently trending in the world of fashion. Here are the top eight trends to watch out for both in store and online when you Shop gold pendants and necklaces as gifts online

Chunky Tortoise Shell 

You will have probably noticed that earth-toned jewelry has been immensely popular for a while now. Well, the tortoise shell design is an extension of that and is going to be making its presence known in all sorts of chunky jewelry designs, from stud earrings to necklaces and bangles. This particular pattern looks wonderful when paired with a boho chic outfit. 


Cheap, see-through jewelry was a hit with teens in the late 90s and early 00s, and this clear-cut trend is back with a bang in 2020. The only difference is that it now boasts a sophisticated aesthetic and is being worn by some of the biggest fashion stars on runways all over the world. Why not try on a thick, clear choker style necklace or clear dangling moissanite stud earrings?

Engraved Locket Pendants 

Lockets are another trend from back in the day, but they never really went out of fashion. This year, they are hotter than ever, with a focus on beautiful, feminine engravings. You can find these stunning must-haves at various jewelers around the globe, including at F Jewellery in the UK. 

Thick Chains 

Along with engraved locket pendants, you are sure to see plenty of thick chains taking center stage this year. These statement necklaces will contribute an edgy appeal to any outfit and are the only accessories that you need to turn heads whenever you go. Take the trend to the next level by layering chains of different metals and thicknesses if you dare!

Bird Inspired Designs 

One of the most common jewelry motifs of 2020 is that of birds. From adorable little sparrow studs to peacock feather dangling earrings, now is the time to embrace your feathered friends every chance you get! 

Ear Cuffs 

No need to get your ears pierced multiple times to rock that edgy aesthetic. Ear cuffs allow you to get endlessly creative, and are super trendy right now. Yellow gold cuffs with diamond accents are exceptionally popular with celebrities at the moment. 

Large Cocktail Rings 

If ever there was a statement ring style, cocktail rings are it! These mushroom shaped rings look beautiful on anyone and are all the more special when adorned with your unique birthstone. 

Link Bracelets 

Simple yet powerful, link bracelets will earn you instant style points. You can find them in a broad array of different metals and thicknesses, but the current trend points to delicate gold link bracelets layered with a fashion-forward watch of a similar aesthetic. 

Now that you know what trends to keep an eye out for, it’s time to go forth and shop. Wear your chosen pieces with confidence and savor every moment of your sparkling new jewelry! 

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