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It might sound a little weird that one’s face can define a lot about their looks. Your face shape may not be different or unique from others but still, every single face has got something to tell about it. Broadly there are five clearly defined shapes of face, long, round, oval, square and heart.

When it comes to earrings, the face has got a lot to do while selecting from thelatest designs of solitaire earrings from the collections at Melorra store. It is worth noting that the new earrings collection at the store is in harmony with the latest rose gold ring designs at Melorra. A decision which is taken in a hurry while dressing up for an occasion, even if it is for rings or earrings, will end up in a disaster. Try to match earrings with your face shape and finger ring, the right choice will make it look fabulous on you whereas the wrong one will make you embarrassed.

In this blog, we will try to explore the earring trend which you need to know and help choose them from the huge collection of Melorra’s latest designs of solitaire earrings.

Bigger is Better

Gone are those days when the oversized drop earrings were considered to be the perfect fit for night outs and special occasions. These are now getting a place in your everyday wear too. These kinds of earrings are elegant when set on white gold or platinum as it will make the solitaire look bigger and gives more effectiveness. Earrings with mix stones of different sizes and shapes will create a good look by capturing the light irrespective of the fact whether you are wearing it in day or night.

The Heart is an Art

Heart-shaped earrings will make you nostalgic and one good thing about this type of earring is that it can take any form. The heart shape is so versatile that you can have stud as well as oversized earrings done in the pattern. This design is evergreen and never goes out of fashion. So the good thing is that you can invest in heart-shaped earrings and wear them for lifelong. These kinds of earrings are good for gifting on many occasions like weddings, valentine’s, birthday, etc.

Classic is Majestic

Classic diamond studs are a perfect choice for any kind of occasion. To capture and reflect light perfectly, the round or princess-cut diamond is preferred for making simple studs. It is always good to look for studs which fit and suit your earlobe shape which means larger the ears, bigger the diamond stud you can wear.

Although the search for a perfect set of solitaire earrings seems to be easy but in reality, it is not. Actually, there are a lot of factors like carat size, colour, clarity, and grades on which you should focus before buying a solitaire product. Above all, you should find a reliable vendor from where you can buy it. At Melorra, we offer you premium quality and affordable solitaires that match your lifestyle.

Ideally, the earrings are categorized as plain, shaped and stone-set. Stone-set, the ring set with diamonds or gems, has become trendy nowadays in place of traditional plain rings. Shaped earrings have become a part of the bridal set these days. Based on your lifestyle, you can choose your style and wear it on a big occasion. For a wonderful piece of earrings, it is diamond and the metal or material which plays a vital role. The most preferred precious metals are gold, platinum, and palladium.

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