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Clairvoyance is defined as “clear seeing” and can include things like having a vision or dream that is so clear that it could not be ignored. These are reams and visions that will come true, often in the immediate future.

Clairvoyance is intuition speaking to us through inner sight and sometimes, visual perception. Clairvoyants are people who often have precognition dreams. Such dreams make it nearly impossible to ignore psychic abilities. In fat, walking into a ream in the waking hours is surreal and can be disorienting at first. Such an opportunity is a window into the world that surrounds our otherwise mundane existence in this life.

There are some clairvoyants who can physically see energies that are extrasensory or spirits that are within normal vision. However, many access the ability through inner vision alone. This inner vision is commonly referred to as the third eye where the creative visualizations as well as dreams reside. Inner vision is much like imagination. This causes people to doubt their clairvoyance until the moment they start sharing with others and realize the accuracy.

Are You Clairvoyant?

Determining whether your powers of intuition fall into the clairvoyant realm can be as simple as answering a few questions. These are shared and explained below.

  • How is your memory? – Those who have strong memories of things, even though they have never encountered them before, may be clairvoyant. This may include dreams that seem real and are then relived in real life.
  • Do you visualize goals? – Those who are clairvoyant often use their power of imagination to bring something into fruition. Think of those who are visual artists, writers, or even directors as people who are likely to have this type of clairvoyance.

Other areas of clairvoyance can include active dreamers who were briefly described above. These are dreamers who dream or imagine situations that can later occur. These situations tend to remind them of the dream immediately. If you happen to have a penchant for landmarks and visual clues, you may be clairvoyant as well. These can be used to connect to your personal abilities. To focus your clairvoyant abilities, try starting a dream journal. This connects your clairvoyance to life through the precognitive dreams. This may have been happening your entire life without you even realizing it.

Using Clairvoyance

To exercise or increase your clairvoyant abilities, try some basic exercises like the one escribed below. Start by visualizing yourself holding seven balloons, one of each color of the rainbow. One by one, release the balloons starting with the red one. In your mind’s eye, watch them float up into the clear sky and disappear slowly. Then release the next one, continuing through all the balloons. If you are not familiar with visualization this may be tough at first, but with practice it is possible to vividly see what is happening. Any use of the imagination can strengthen clairvoyant abilities. The more often you attempt imagination exercises, the stronger your ability will grow because your mind can form clearer images. This can be paired with visualizing the third eye being opened to the things not seen on this visual plane.

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