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Back pain is a very common occurrence amongst most adults irrespective of gender. Admitting to having back pain might make people think that they show themselves as weak and fragile. However, the lifestyle followed by people these days makes back pain a rather complimentary gift for all those late hours work schedules and stress to get the jobs done. Back pain is not a sign of weakness but a way for the body to send the message that the body needs rest and an improved lifestyle. Taking professional guidance from lower back pain specialists for the slightest of back pain that remains consistent over a few days is always recommended. Visit Train Back to get a better idea on some common exercises and therapy methods that can help in releasing the pain in the back.

Some of them are listed below:

1. Limiting time spent in the bed:
While many feels that the more sever the back pain, the more one needs to lie down on the bed, this notion is actually false. It is seen that people with less back pain when indulge in more bed rest, their pain increases and becomes more chronic.

2.  Perfect posture:
Back pain is something that seldom occurs overnight. Faulty posturing of the body for years keeps on building and adding pressure and stress to the spine and eventually pain erupts in the lower back area. Simple measures such as keeping in mind always to maintain proper posture can easily cure back pain for a long time.

3. Partial crunches:

Partial crunches are one such exercise that helps in decreasing back pain. Lying down on your back with bent knees and feet on the ground, with hands behind the head, you need to get up using your shoulder muscles. Repeating this a few times reduces the pain in the back and strengthens the stomach muscles at the same time.

4. Sit ups can be injurious:
If partial crunches can heal back pain, many assume that sit ups should provide them with the same results. However, sit ups involve greater activity and put a lot of pressure on the spine and this can increase back pain further.

5. Hamstring stretches:
Hamstring stretches include lying on the back with the knee bent. Now tying a towel on the ball of the foot, the knee is straightened and the stretch felt then is what cures the back and leg muscles and their pain.

6. Leg lifts:
While leg lifts are known to improve one’s core as it involves relying on the stomach and back muscles only, during acute back pain, leg lifts put more stress and pressure on the spine and this can aggravate the existing back pain.

While exercises for the back are good for keeping a healthy body, one must realize that not all back exercises are good for the spine in a lot of stress and pain. One must seek professional help before starting to do exercises for the back. Taking for granted the fact that the pain will go away in a few days might prove injurious or even life-threatening in the long run. Any form of pain in the body can be caused by a number of underlying reasons, so getting it checked at the right time is always the right thing to do.

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