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It has been a tremendously boring summer this year, and I’ve tried to keep sane studying some new skills. For example, I have started up my own Youtube channel and have been putting in hours getting my whistle into a serviceable format. However, there are a number of other skills that one could be boning up on as the summer starts to warm. We’d strongly recommend gaining some competency on drums; a Rav Vast handpan will ensure that one is able to create some stellar tones without having to deal with the considerable difficulty curve present with traditional drum kits.

Start Your Own Single-Person Band

The number of different recording options that one can purchase is considerable. What used to require 4, 6, or even more musicians to create can all be done by someone sitting in their bedroom. Pick up a drum, go down to the local pawn shop and grab yourself a guitar, and you’re half the way there to making some killer tunes.

Brew Your Own Kombucha

Communing with mother nature is always a good way to break from the monotony of office life. One can purchase a starter batch, some cheesecloth, and a glass vessel and be well along their way in creating their own kombucha. With tons of probiotics that would be in the finished product, kombucha is not only a good way to spend the days but is a good way to keep your health at the optimum level.

Write the next great American (or wherever you may be at) Novel

CreateSpace is a thing, so why not craft your very own novel? Without there needing to be the shopping around process, authors should be able to put pen to paper without worry. Mystery, sci-fi, or a murder whodunit? The world is your oyster when you’re an author.

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