Posted on: May 24, 2020 Posted by: James McQuiston Comments: 0

On her latest single Nwaye, Malou Beauvoir is able to blend together a more contemplative instrumentation with considerable vocal power. The guitar work on this single calls back to the mid-1990s, while there’s a multi-layered approach utilized here that keeps the replay value of Nwaye high over multiple plays. There’s a timeless feeling to Beauvoir’s vox here; stretching out over the composition effortlessly, it’s Malou’s voice that will stick with fans long after the composition has concluded. Using a bit of echo to her voice at around the 2:20 mark, the song is given additional life until fans hear the final notes.

We’ve covered Beauvoir previously; check out our coverage of Papa Damballah.

Malou Beauvoir “Nwaye” / Domain /

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